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Labor Department to revise foreign worker certification rules


The U.S. Labor Department is proposing changes to the way non-U.S. citizens are certified for permanent employment in the United States. Specifically, the government would prevent employers from shifting visas from one foreign worker to another …

Asian-American workers: Beware bias, immigration scrutiny


Following 9/11, the EEOC paid particular attention to employment-discrimination backlash against employees who appeared to be Muslims or of Middle Eastern or South Asian ancestry. But now that effort appears to be broadening. Until recently, the EEOC didn’t view job discrimination against Asian-Americans as a widespread problem. But a new survey changed all that …


You’re not required to print handbook in Spanish


Q. If an employee speaks Spanish and doesn’t understand English, am I required to have my handbooks and other policies translated into Spanish? Is the handbook valid if the employee signs but does not understand the content? —A.B., California

Illegal workers’ presence continues to grow


Undocumented immigrants now make up almost 5 percent of the U.S. work force, according to a new Pew Hispanic Center study. The number of people living illegally in the country rose by at least 400,000 last year …

You may be liable for wage claims from contractor’s illegal workers


You might think outsourcing jobs to an independent contractor saves money. But if you insist on exercising any significant control over how, when and where independent contractors do their job, you may end up paying dearly in the end if your organization is deemed the true employer …

Immigration Steps Up High-Profile Workplace Raids


The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is stepping up its efforts to discourage employers from hiring undocumented workers. ICE recently raided a million-square-foot Wal-Mart warehouse in Butler, Pa., netting 125 undocumented workers …

Correct errors found in ‘Old’ I-9 forms


Q. Soon after I started in a new HR department, I reviewed the files and found that some of the employees’ I-9 forms don’t have dates or signatures, or they’ve been completed using outdated forms. Can I go back to employees and redo the forms, collecting current documentation? Or should I just make sure the right forms are used from now on? —J.M., Ohio

Watch those nicknames: Turning El-Hakem into ‘Hank’ spells bias

You know that ethnic slurs and name-calling have no place in the workplace. But a new court ruling proves that any kind of ethnic intolerance can be punished.
If supervisors …

EEOC following up on promise to crack down on Hispanic bias

The EEOC announced in 2003 that it would work to counteract workplace discrimination against Hispanic employees, and the agency is making good on its promise.
EEOC chief Cari Dominquez, who …

Quiz applicants on basic skills; don’t wait for a national test

You’ll soon have access to a new nationally recognized test that can help you gauge entry-level applicants’ job readiness. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spearheading development of the Equipped for …