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Congress gives all employers ability to confirm I-9 documents

By Dec. 1, 2004, all U.S. employers will have the option of using a phone-based system to check whether new hires have the right to work in the United States.

Job applications: what to include, what to leave out

Issue: Done right, your job application is a great tool to collect applicant information and communicate key data about your organization. Risk: Unnecessary questions can run you afoul of federal …

Immigration law: How to walk the line with the I-9

THE LAW. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 makes it your responsibility to hire only people who can legally work in the United States. That includes U.S. …

Firing an H-1B worker? Notify feds first

Organizations that employ foreign workers on H-1B visas must now take an extra step when terminating them: notifying the federal government. Example: A software company hired a programmer on a …

Keep copies of new hires’ I-9 supporting documents


Q. Should I always make and retain copies of Form I-9 supporting documents? —K.L., California

Less chance of receiving ‘no match’ letter from SSA in 2003

Issue: Letters from the Social Security Administration (SSA) flushed out thousands of illegal aliens working in U.S. companies, creating chaos for HR departments …

Warning: Feds looking closer at your use of L-1 hiring visas


A growing number of high-tech workers are complaining that they’re losing jobs not only to foreign workers overseas but also to foreign workers who enter the United States under the little-known L-1 visa category …

You don’t need I-9 forms for pre-1986 hires


Q. We have a few employees who started working for us more than 20 years ago, before the I-9 rules took effect. I don’t have an I-9 on file for these folks. Should I? —S.I., New York

Outsourcing workers won’t let you escape wage-and-hour laws

When it comes to basic compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), simply calling your hourly workers “outsourced employees” won’t let you off the hook …

No need to reverify expired driver’s license


Q. I was interested in your recent article discussing reverifying employees’ I-9 documents when they expire. Does this mean that if a worker shows a driver’s license as verification, we need to ask for the worker’s new number and recheck the information when the license expires? —H.F., Florida