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The HR I.Q. Test: August ’09


Test your knowledge of recent trends in employment law, comp & benefits and other HR issues with our monthly mini-quiz …

Social media and HR: Managing the legal risks, updating your policies


Whether they’re shooting off their own tweets or following others, employees using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and personal blogs are creating liability and PR risks with their online rants, raves and company gossip. We’ve gathered the best of HR Specialist’s recent coverage of social media’s HR implications. You’ll find sound legal advice, and maybe a laugh or two.

Internet recruiting strategy reaps tech-savvy movers


Movers who work for All My Sons Moving & Storage can check online to learn if they need to make the trip to headquarters to pick up a truck. CFO Ormando Gomez is recruiting more Internet-savvy movers—by using the Internet to recruit them.

Feds to lure college grads


President Obama has said he wants to “make government cool again.” His latest attempt: The federal government’s HR directors are studying a plan to boost the starting pay of college grads by a cool $8,000 a year—to $41,210.

How strategic are you? An 8-question test


CEOs want their HR leaders to break outside the operational box and become more strategic players. But many HR pros are so bogged down by daily process, they have trouble lifting their heads out of the weeds. Here’s a self-assessment to help you gauge the strategic value you bring to your organization.

HR interns: Where to find ’em, how to use ’em


Large organizations have long realized that HR interns contribute to the bottom line. They’re inexpensive, productive and eager to impress. Now, with budgets cut to the bone, HR departments can use all the talented, low-cost staffing they can get. That’s especially true for small and midsize HR departments. Here are the best ways to find HR interns:

Arizona design firm sponsors contest to find next new hire


When an entry-level job for a web page designer job opened at Scottsdale, Ariz., marketing firm SpinSix, managers combined their desire for more publicity with a strategy to attract the best-qualified employee. They held a contest.

Bill aims to stem Ohio’s looming nursing shortage


Forty percent of Ohio’s 153,310 nurses will leave the profession within the next 10 years, according to a state government survey. It won’t be easy to train replacements because the state lacks qualified nursing school instructors. A bill in the Ohio Senate seeks the best ideas to combat the coming shortage.

25 Off-Limits Interview Questions

White Paper published by The HR Specialist, copyright 2009 ______________________ Job interviews present a minefield of legal problems. One wrong question could spark a discrimination lawsuit. That’s why you should never "wing it" during interviews. Instead, create a list of interview questions and make sure every question asks for job-related information that will help in […]

Free health perks help wellness, recruiting


Full-time employees of Lehigh Valley Hospital & Health Network don’t pay for health insurance. Plus, the organization hands them a fistful of “wellness dollars”—$700 to be exact—to spend on anything from gym memberships to massage therapy. Not only does the program help current employees, but also it has improved recruiting.