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HR technology: Shortcuts to find the best vendors, products


Say your CEO tasks you with cutting HR department costs. You know technology can help slay that cost dragon, but you have no idea where to start. Instead of combing through hundreds of vendor web sites, use these nonbiased resources to search for the right HR tech products.

Résumé lies are on the rise; 7 tips to separate facts from fudging

With the sending of résumés as easy as a click of a button, job seekers today are pulling out all the stops to make themselves stand out. Sometimes that includes embellishing their résumés.

Minn. companies honored for employing disabled


The Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities has recognized 11 companies for their innovative approaches to employing developmentally disabled workers. Award recipients include three grocery stores: Coborn’s in Buffalo, Byerly’s in Golden Valley and Culver’s in Stillwater.

‘Virtual’ job fairs save money, click with candidates


When tax firm KPMG wanted to fill hundreds of positions worldwide, it held an enormous job fair that attracted 20,000 candidates. But nobody showed up in person. The two-day, round-the-clock fair was entirely online. More organizations are tapping the global reach of the Internet to recruit employees …

More employers create ‘bridge jobs’ to appeal to retirees


New research shows that more workers of retirement age are staying in their current jobs or returning to work, in part because of the sinking economy and dwindling nest eggs. Many of these older employees aren’t seeking full-time return at their past pay rates. They’re hunting for “bridge jobs.”

Use blind résumé review for bias-free hiring, promotions


Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act makes it unlawful to refuse to hire or recruit someone because of “religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight or marital status.” But applicants sometimes provide that information on their résumés. Have someone take those résumés and black out any information that hints at any of those protected categories.

Selling flex to management? Focus on benefits beyond HR


If you want support from the C-suite for work/life benefits, tout flexible schedules and telework as tools that do more than aid recruiting and retention. In a recent survey, CFOs said that for flexibility to succeed, organizations have to perceive it as more than an employee perk.

Appeal to older workers with these 4 health plan ‘Extras’


Health care coverage becomes increasingly important to employees as they get older. If you’re courting mature, experienced workers to join your team—or if you want to retain the ones you have—you might need to tweak your health benefits so they appeal more to over-50 employees. Here are four health-related perks that could help you seal the deal …

Flex Fridays allow employees time to unwind after traveling


After a business trip, employees of Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Humantech get the following Friday off, just to unwind. The workplace ergonomics consulting firm’s business travelers earn the extra day off when they make extended trips or work odd hours while on the road …

Top ranking should help Colorado employers recruit staff

Colorado has been making headlines as a hot place to live and work. CNBC rated Colorado fifth on its list of “America’s Top States for Business” in July, citing Colorado’s New Energy Economy, the state’s business-friendly climate and overall quality of life …