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Top ranking should help Colorado employers recruit staff

Colorado has been making headlines as a hot place to live and work. CNBC rated Colorado fifth on its list of “America’s Top States for Business” in July, citing Colorado’s New Energy Economy, the state’s business-friendly climate and overall quality of life …

5 criteria your recruiting web pages must meet

Your next great new hire is probably looking online for a job right now. There’s no substitute for an effective career page that potential applicants can find through your organization’s public website.

Beware referral programs that attract new hire ‘clones’

Your employee referral program could backfire if it leads to too many employees who are alike in terms of sex, race, age or other protected characteristics. Follow these tips to strengthen and diversify your referral program.

Benchmark Your Career Web Site Against Nation’s 25 Best

More than 60% of all job seekers rely on web sites to learn about employment opportunities. Yet the career pages on too many employers’ sites remain hard to use, uninformative and so frustrating that many potential applicants simply give up and go looking elsewhere. If only there were some good examples of how to do career sites right! Good news: Here are links to the nation’s 25 best.

Beware! Now it’s even easier for disabled employees to sue

A new federal appeals court case has made it easier for employees in the 5th Circuit to sue for disability discrimination. To prove disability discrimination, employees need to show only that the disability was a “motivating factor” in an employment decision, not the sole cause …

CNBC ranks Texas nation’s top state for business

A recent study conducted by CNBC concluded that Texas is “America’s Top State For Business.” The cable TV news study scored each state on 40 measures of competitiveness covering 10 categories … Texas’ highest rankings were in economy, technology and innovation, transportation and cost of living.

Measure effectiveness to make sure flex plans work for you

Your organization wouldn’t offer flexible work arrangements like flextime and compressed workweeks if managers didn’t believe the benefits—better employee engagement, recruitment and retention—outweighed the costs. Still, a recent survey by Hewitt Associates found that few organizations have formal and consistent policies in place to manage their flex programs …

EMC grooms leaders in-house as part of development strategy

Technology company EMC saves money on recruiting by sending its high-potential employees to school—at an in-house university. More than half of the Hopkinton, Mass., organization’s corporate-level director positions are filled from within …

Drugmaker catches disco fever


Allegan–based drugmaker Perrigo Corp. is reaching out to potential hires with the “Perrigo Dancing Scientists,” a slick YouTube music video of scientists in lab coats busting moves. The video is designed to show job hunters that Perrigo is a hip, fun place to work …

Add state-of-the-art equipment to list of Gen Y benefits


You expect colleges and universities to prepare your youngest workers for their new jobs. But are you prepared for them? Twentysomething employees expect the workplace to greet them with technology that is no less cutting edge than the tools they use in their personal lives and on campus. Here are seven ways to use technology to retain Gen Y’ers …