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8 real-life strategies for keeping employees on board

Issue: As the economy heats up, employees, yes, even yours, are wandering through the want ads and surfing job boards.
Risk: Being caught without an up-to-date retention strategy can disrupt …

Apply now for a ‘dot-jobs’ recruiting Web address

To help streamline your recruiting process, your organization can now apply for an Internet address that ends in “.jobs.” The jobs domain was approved earlier this year and will be up …

Find qualified disabled applicants with DOL’s online network

The U.S. Labor Department launched a campaign to build awareness of its Employer Assistance & Recruiting Network (EARN), which matches skilled disabled employees with private-sector job openings. The site, www.earnworks.com, has …

Google your way to recruiting ‘passive’ job-seekers

Issue: Forty-four percent of employees are “passive” job-seekers, meaning they might accept a job offer but aren’t actively seeking one.
Benefit: Knowing how to manipulate the Internet to find such …

Use managers to conduct some (Not all) reference checks

Issue: HR typically handles reference checking at large firms. Smaller firms and those with strong management let managers do it.
Benefit/risk: Farming out reference checks to supervisors will lighten your …

Remind managers: Base hiring only on job-related reasons

Issue: Can you place conditions on employment that aren’t related to the person’s ability to perform the job?
Risk: Courts may see such restrictions as illegal “employment blackmail.”
Action: …

New online-recruiting trends: ‘super sites’ and .jobs addresses

Organizations that use the Internet to recruit employees should pay attention to these two developments:
Job-search search engines. Rather than bouncing around to several different job boards, applicants now have …

Tap into new recruitment resource for summer help

If you’re looking to fill seasonal or permanent positions, check out a new government program that helps employers hook up with college students with disabilities.
The Labor Department’s Workforce Recruitment …

Simplify recruiting on your site with ‘.jobs’ address

Starting as early as August, you’ll be able to publicize job openings online using a Web address that ends in “.jobs.” The Internet’s main oversight agency just gave its final approval …

Warn managers not to hire on ‘gut instinct’ alone

Issue: Establishing quantifiable criteria for making hiring decisions.
Risk: Applicants have an easier time winning hiring-bias lawsuits if they can point to weaknesses in your stated reasons for hiring.