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Reach out to older applicants via new AARP program

AARP, the nation’s largest organization for seniors, launched an online effort last month to help employers recruit older employees. Participating businesses will pay a fee, based on the number of employees, …

Entice applicants to beat a path to your door

The hassle and cost of slogging to work is a big reason that good employees quit. And commuting pains aren’t easing: Two-thirds of new jobs are now located in the suburbs, …

Should you create an ‘alumni’ Web site for former staff?

Issue: Establishing a Web site that acts as an online home for your organization’s former employees.
Benefit: Such alumni sites help you recruit former employees (boomerangs), generate referrals and build …

Hiding behind staffing agency won’t protect you; temps can sue, too

Don’t treat temporary workers like second-class citizens when it comes to complying with employment laws. Contrary to popular belief, your organization isn’t protected from job-discrimination lawsuits simply because the workers affected …

Overrelying on employee referrals? Beware of the legal risks

Employee-referral programs have become one of the most successful and least expensive recruiting strategies. But even with their popularity, employee-referral programs can be double-edged swords.
Relying too much on employee …

You can set weekly vacation rule, but should you?


Q. I know we’re allowed to tell employees which months they can’t take vacations, but can we also require that vacations be taken only by the week, and not in daily, hourly or half-day increments? —P.A., Nebraska

Can you hire for ‘looks?’ Abercrombie case offers a lesson

Issue: Whether a marketing strategy can, or should, dictate your organization’s hiring practice.
Risk: Any hiring strategy that appears to discriminate against a protected class is fair game for EEOC …

Shield your best people from recruiters’ clutches

Issue: With the economy heating up, headhunters are on the prowl for talent.
Benefit: Developing a strategy will position you as a big-picture person who’s got the organization’s best interests …

Sink the hook into coveted candidates

Issue: Luring stars from other employers.
Benefit: Good first impressions breed a high percentage of responses.
Action: Urge hiring managers to follow this three-step format when breaking the ice. …

Do your leave benefits entice employees to stay?

Issue: Are your employee-leave policies too stingy, too generous or just right?
Benefit: Knowing how your organization compares to others helps you attract and retain top employees.
Action: Review …