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Can you hire for ‘looks?’ Abercrombie case offers a lesson

Issue: Whether a marketing strategy can, or should, dictate your organization’s hiring practice.
Risk: Any hiring strategy that appears to discriminate against a protected class is fair game for EEOC …

Shield your best people from recruiters’ clutches

Issue: With the economy heating up, headhunters are on the prowl for talent.
Benefit: Developing a strategy will position you as a big-picture person who’s got the organization’s best interests …

Sink the hook into coveted candidates

Issue: Luring stars from other employers.
Benefit: Good first impressions breed a high percentage of responses.
Action: Urge hiring managers to follow this three-step format when breaking the ice. …

Do your leave benefits entice employees to stay?

Issue: Are your employee-leave policies too stingy, too generous or just right?
Benefit: Knowing how your organization compares to others helps you attract and retain top employees.
Action: Review …

Common small-company confusion: believing FMLA applies to them

Small employers may be hurting their productivity by offering more generous family-and-medical leave benefits than legally required.
That’s the message of a new National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) study, …

Will election result affect hiring? It depends on your industry

While the presidential election outcome won’t likely change your competitors’ hiring plans, it could produce a small economic boost in certain industries, according to a new poll by outplacement consulting firm …

Don’t embellish pay and perks to lure candidates; it will backfire

Hiring negotiations can be a complex game. And in their zeal to convince someone to leave one job to take another, hiring managers may be tempted to go overboard.
That’s …

Base salaries on most accurate surveys; weed out bad data


Salary surveys are plentiful, but many are poorly designed. The risk: Flawed surveys can hurt your organization’s ability to compete for top people …

How to land on a ‘Best Companies to Work For’ list

Issue: Various groups publish lists touting the best organizations to work for in the country, region or industry. Benefit: Landing on such lists can …

Use severance as a hiring tool; more applicants ask

Issue: Survivors of recent layoffs are asking about severance plans before signing on. Benefit: More than ever, a good severance plan can help lure the best candidates. Action: Trumpet …