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Include fair geographical and time limits in noncompete pacts

Noncompete agreements are easier signed than enforced. So your noncompete restrictions must give the person a “reasonable opportunity” to pursue a livelihood in his or her chosen field.
What’s considered …

5 ways to keep good people as the job market improves

Issue: Retaining the best employees should be a high priority for your organization as the economy picks up. Benefits: Reduces recruitment and retraining …

Domestic-partner benefits: Don’t fear cost, controversy

Issue: More employers are offering domestic-partner benefits to both same-sex and opposite-sex couples. Benefit/risk: Such benefits can provide a good recruiting tool, but thorny legal and tax issues must be …

Max out results from your employee-referral program

Issue: Imaginative cash rewards are the key to successful employee-referral programs. Benefit: Employees hired through employee referrals have higher retention rates. Action: Read below to gauge whether your rewards …

Use media to boost the organization’s stature (and yours)

Issue: The media’s growing interest in HR and workplace issues. Benefit: By gaining publicity for your organization, you can aid recruitment efforts and earn kudos from top brass. Action: …

Hiring interns? Keep it legal, dude

Issue: How to avoid the often-overlooked liabilities of using interns in your workplace. Risk: Courts view interns the same as employees, as “agents” of your organization. Plus, you face extra …

Employment contracts: Can your workers claim an ‘implied’ contract?

Issue: Drafting a legally sound employment contract and avoiding “implied contract” claims.
Benefit/risk: While employment contracts can offer your organization additional legal rights, they also expose you to new legal …

4 Tips for Choosing a Long-Term Care Insurance Plan


Long-term care (LTC) insurance can offer a low-cost way to upgrade employee benefits. The benefits: reduced absenteeism due to employee caregiving duties and  tax benefits for some employers. Use these four strategies to decide whether sponsoring an LTC insurance plan makes sense for your organization …

4 ways to find out if that job applicant is conning you

Great résumés are a dime a dozen. That’s why smart interviewers work hard to smoke out résumé lies and exaggerations. Here are four common fraud targets you should zero in on.

What’s in a (college’s) name? Sometimes, not much

More than 200 “diploma mills” operate online churning out phony degrees, often with very official-sounding college names. In fact, a survey by an AT&T corporate trainer revealed that HR professionals were …