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Going mobile: The risks and rewards of BYOD

“Bring Your Own Device” policies are a growing trend, but can they bite back against employers?

Suffering from tech overload? 4 tips to delete the stress


While technology can make you more efficient, it can also detract from your work if you don’t manage it properly. Here are four tips to help you use technology in a time-efficient manner and avoid the overload.

How to regulate employee use of personal tech

It’s hard for even the most sophisticated of companies to deal with all the risks of instant communications and increased access via personal and company-owned tech devices.

Electronic signatures: What employers need to know


For centuries, a signature at the bottom of a piece of paper has meant someone agrees with what the document says. Can keystrokes carry the same legal weight as pen strokes? Yes. Two federal laws establish the legality of e-signatures in this country: the UETA and E-SIGN.

Techies think tech is way cooler than you do

Perhaps it’s no surprise, but people who do IT for a living have a more favorable view than other Americans of technology’s benefits. A Harris poll revealed these attitudes about the power and potential of technology.

Electronic signatures: What HR professionals need to know


For centuries, a signature at the bottom of a piece of paper has meant someone agrees with what the document says. But now many of our documents are made of electrons instead of wood pulp.
Can keystrokes carry the same legal weight as strokes of the pen?

The high cost of your employees’ illicit affairs

You may be resigned to employees spending at least some of their work time checking in on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Now add another social media distraction you would maybe rather not know about.

Cellphone usage at work: What’s acceptable?

A new Howard University study finds that 76% of people say checking texts or emails is unacceptable behavior in business meetings.

Must we tell staff & visitors they’re being watched?


Q. We recently installed cameras in our plant’s production areas. The cameras aren’t hidden, and it is common knowledge they were installed. Do I need to post something notifying employees and visitors that the area is under video surveillance? Should I have employees sign something? 

Recruiting, payroll & perks: Yeah, there’s an HR app for that

If you don’t use HR-related apps right now, there is a good chance you will in the near future. Here are some apps worth checking out to save time and administrative costs: