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Personnel Files

Keep Copies Of Employee Licenses, Certifications


We keep copies of our employees’ licenses, certifications and continuing-education certificates. When an employee leaves or is terminated, do we have to hold on to those copies?

Can We Retain Old Time Sheets Electronically?


It’s a nightmare to keep paper copies of all our employees’ time sheets. I can scan them and save them in electronic format. Can I throw out the paper copies after I scan them in?

Immigration reform: States pick up ball U.S. Senate dropped


When the U.S. Senate failed to pass comprehensive immigration-reform legislation last month, the problem didn’t go away. Now states are stepping in to craft local solutions to problems related to undocumented immigrants. Employers are likely to bear the enforcement burden.

The new EEO-1 form: Prepare for big changes


Many employers need to file the EEOC’s annual EEO-1 report by September 30. Get ready for big changes, as the form has been significantly revised for the first time in 40 years.

Track discipline companywide to show no double standard


One of the most common employment law claims is the uneven enforcement of workplace rules. The only foolproof way to counter such lawsuits …

Lucent wrote the book on tech security, but forgot to read it


A disk containing the names, addresses, Social Security numbers, salaries and other personal information for all Lucent employees in the United States went missing in Somerset County between April 5 and May 3 …

ChildNet could have used ‘Dragnet’ detective work


Two facility managers for ChildNet, the agency that runs Broward County’s child welfare system, were fired after being implicated in several thefts at the agency …

Log for leave requests can save the day


Problem employees—the kind that see discrimination, harassment and retaliation every time a supervisor so much as issues an oral warning for anything—won’t hesitate to sue and charge retaliation. They may even seek redress for minor slights by requesting FMLA leave and trying to trip you up if your response is not to their liking

Remind employees: As Coke verdict shows, stealing secrets can earn jail time


The recent sentencing of a Coca-Cola employee who tried to steal (and sell) the secret formula serves as a cautionary tale for your employees about the confidentiality of trade secrets. Here’s a five-step strategy for shoring up your trade-secret walls and making sure confidential info stays in-house.

FMLA in a Nutshell: How to Comply With the Family and Medical Leave Act

White Paper published by The HR Specialist, copyright 2009 ______________________ The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which became law in 1993, provides qualified employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year for the birth or adoption of a child, for caring for a spouse or an immediate family member with a […]