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Personnel Files

Preserve records or face jury’s wrath on overtime pay


If you get wind of a possible lawsuit over unpaid overtime, make sure all your payroll records remain intact and available. Don’t crank up the shredder. If you dispose of related documents, the penalties under Ohio law can be especially harsh



HR Law 101: In 1998, the Supreme Court issued its first ruling on an AIDS-related issue and its first major interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The justices made it clear that all persons who are HIV-positive, even though they may show no overt symptoms of the disease, are also protected under the ADA …

Protecting Your Trade Secrets

White Paper published by The HR Specialist, copyright 2007 ______________________ All businesses want to safeguard trade secrets and proprietary information and maintain their customers’ trust. So you will naturally want to let your employees and independent contractors know what you expect of them in this regard. Your options range from making a simple policy statement […]

Violence and Weapons: How to Develop Policies and Procedures

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Performance Reviews


HR Law 101: There are two important reasons why you should conduct regular appraisals of your employees’ performance. First, periodic and competent appraisals reduce the opportunity for a discharged employee to claim unfair treatment. The appraisal process alerts employees to what you expect of them, areas in which they’re deficient and how they can improve their performance. Second, appraisals constitute documented proof of unsatisfactory performance that will help you justify employment decisions …

How far must you go in Florida to protect employees’ data?


In the process of recruiting, hiring, firing and just running a business, employers accumulate a large amount of personal data from applicants, employees and business associates. Florida law requires employers to take reasonable steps to safeguard such personal data

Deciding on promotion? Purge file of prior litigious actions


When it’s time to decide on promotions, do you send employees’ personnel files over to a supervisor or hiring committee to help make the decisions? Make sure the files don’t contain references to past discrimination claims or investigations. Otherwise, you could be inviting a passed-over candidate to sue for retaliation

TV station employee returns stolen documents … in shreds!


You may remember reading about the Pittsburgh TV station employee who allegedly swiped e-mail and documents left on employees’ desks as evidence for a discrimination lawsuit …

Release EAP information on a ‘Need to know’ basis


Employee assistance programs (EAPs) can help employees regain an edge lost to problems like alcohol abuse. But it’s a good idea to keep mum about an employee’s participation in the EAP …

Good records are key to winning retaliation lawsuits


When it comes to discharging employees, it’s very important to document your decision-making process. Be prepared to show that you followed company disciplinary rules and applied them even-handedly …