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3 ways HR can help employees cut their health care costs


As the economy worsens, rising health costs are driving more employees to cut their own spending on medical care. Here are three ways your organization can keep workers focused on their health even as they skimp on expenses …

Conduct training programs to catch safety problems early


If your organization operates machinery, chances are there is an industrial accident waiting to happen. Consider holding regular safety meetings where the only purpose is to identify potential dangers.

OK to suspend employee who has been arrested if alleged violation would compromise safety


Being arrested for a crime is not the same as being convicted. After all, citizens are innocent until proven guilty, and many arrests never result in convictions. But the presumption of innocence doesn’t mean employers can’t suspend employees who have been charged with crimes—if those alleged crimes may affect their ability to do their jobs.

As economy falls, résumé fraud and in-house theft rise


Raise your skepticism level a few notches—and tell supervisors to do the same. Experts say the sinking economy is leading to desperation from both employees and applicants.

Four companies cited for worker injury


The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) fined four companies roughly $40,000 apiece for an accident last year while the Durant Hotel in Flint was being demolished.

Coal mine strikes back at MSHA


The American Coal Company has filed a lawsuit against the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), claiming that recent inspections at its Galatia Mining Complex violated federal law and MSHA’s own regulations.

3 steps to jumpstart your company’s wellness program


As health insurance costs skyrocket, even as benefits dwindle, so does the trend toward employers setting up wellness programs—71% of U.S. employers offered such programs in 2008. Here’s how to make the case for establishing a wellness program in your workplace, plus initial steps to put the plan in motion.

Port Everglades firm fined after fatal cargo ship accident


OSHA has fined Florida Transportation Services more than $88,000 for safety violations that killed three workers in May 2007. James Cason, Rene Dutertre and Hayman Sooknanan suffocated after inhaling argon gas that leaked from the cargo hold…

It’s OK to ban prescription drugs if you have genuine safety concerns


Employees who take certain prescription drugs for legitimate medical conditions may be unable to work safely if their jobs involve heavy machinery, split-second judgment or the ability to remain alert. If that’s the case, it’s not disability discrimination to ban employees from working while on those medications.

Fitness classes cut employee use of prescription medicines


The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in Rockville, Md., has figured out a way to reduce its employees’ reliance on medication: fitness classes.