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It’s OK to ban prescription drugs if you have genuine safety concerns


Employees who take certain prescription drugs for legitimate medical conditions may be unable to work safely if their jobs involve heavy machinery, split-second judgment or the ability to remain alert. If that’s the case, it’s not disability discrimination to ban employees from working while on those medications.

Fitness classes cut employee use of prescription medicines


The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in Rockville, Md., has figured out a way to reduce its employees’ reliance on medication: fitness classes.

Survey: Work site wellness works


Work site wellness programs are more popular than ever because they are an economical way to offset rising employee health care costs, according to an American Heart Association survey.

Bronco busting while drunk, suing once sober


Rachel Love, erstwhile patron of Johnny Utah’s in Rockefeller Center, is suing the restaurant for allowing an inebriated individual (herself) to ride a mechanical bull, leading to injuries.

Act quickly to fix safety violations


Employers that take OSHA and state agency safety violations seriously probably won’t face additional legal troubles outside the workers’ compensation system if an employee is later hurt or killed. Ignore those reports, and employees can sue for unlimited damages …

Good manners prevent needless negligent-supervision lawsuits


Employers are responsible for the way their employees behave. Threatening behavior toward fellow employees or customers that causes emotional or physical harm can lead to a negligent-supervision lawsuit.

What’s our liability when a supervisor strikes an employee?


Q. We recently had an incident in which a supervisor hit an employee. Are we liable? What kind of violence is a company responsible for preventing?

Wellness goes extreme: scuba, sailing, mountain climbing


In a bid to improve employees’ fitness and reduce health costs, some U.S. employers are going far beyond subsidizing health-club fees or hosting lunchtime walking clubs. They’re taking their wellness initiatives to the edge. Three examples …

Workplace violence: Hope for the best but plan for the worst


It’s important for employers to plan to prevent workplace violence and respond to it if prevention fails. While every employer needs a customized plan that fits its particular workplace, good violence-prevention strategies share common elements.

Cleveland NASA building gets clean bill of health


The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has released a survey indicating that two buildings at the NASA Lewis Research Center in Cleveland did not cause cancer among employees. The union representing some NASA employees says it isn’t satisfied.