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Supreme Court: Vance case revisits supervisor liability under Title VII

The Supreme Court tackles a contentious issue: When it comes to harassment and discrimination, just what does “supervisor” mean? Regardless of how the Court rules, employers must ensure that their policies and practices are consistent with Title VII.

Track the training you offer, who qualified–and which employees took advantage of it


If you offer training to some, you must offer it to everyone else in the same classification who qualifies. Refusing to train some employees may be grounds for a discrimination lawsuit. Prevent such lawsuits by carefully documenting all training offers and how employees respond.

What are California’s requirements for providing sexual harassment training?


Q. We know that we are required to conduct sexual harassment training for our employees. But we’re not sure which of our employees we are required to train and what formats we can use to provide the training.

Make sure training is available to all

Everyone who is qualified should have a chance to participate in your training programs.

Hotel staff learns about better service by mixing drinks


Boutique hotel chain Affinia Hotels has hired a bartender to teach its staff about customer service. A mixologist uses drink-mixing exercises to demonstrate the power of maintaining both a positive attitude and a focus on the task at hand.

Train supervisors on proper handling of FMLA return-to-work certifications

Supervisors who handle employee return-to-work requests following FMLA leave must know what they are doing. Otherwise, your legal risk could rise significantly.

Financial advisors-in-training can tap G.I. Bill for income


Military veterans in Missouri can tap their G.I. Bill benefits while they train to become financial advisors at financial services firm Edward Jones. Missouri—where Edward Jones is based—is the first state to approve use of the benefits by veterans in the program.

Staff, applicants lack needed skills? 6 ways to close the gap

Nearly one-third of employers say they can’t find qualified candidates to fill their open jobs, up from 24% a year ago, according to CareerBuilder. Here are six ways employers are addressing the post-recession skills shortage:

Didn’t know employee wanted training? Be sure to extend invitation next time

Failing to offer some employees the opportunity to participate in training can mean a possible lawsuit. But that’s only true if the employee who missed out on the training opportunity let it be known that he was interested.

5 ways to ramp up employee training

Tap into the power of training and development by trying these five tips. They’ll help you make the most of limited resources, and they’re sure to improve employee skills.