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Underage teen sues McDonald’s franchise over sex with boss


A teenage girl who worked in a Coral Springs McDonald’s is suing the franchise holder after her store manager, Hector Figueroa, carried on a sexual relationship with her for nearly a year …

Restaurant owner learns price of harassment: $40,750


Three female employees of the Crazy Horse Steak House in New Oxford will share $40,750 for harassment allegedly committed by owner Nicholas Mavros. The women claimed Mavros commented on their breasts, asked what color underwear they were wearing, invited them to come to a motel to have sex, touched them against their wishes and even put his hands down an employee’s pants …

Few women on staff? Watch for hostile-Environment claims


Employers could violate the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) even if they don’t intend to discriminate …

Accommodation doesn’t need to match employee’s request


Title VII protects employees from discrimination based on their religion and requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for religious practices. But the requirement isn’t absolute …

Prompt action by management is key to winning hostile-Environment lawsuits


The Ohio Fair Employment Practices Act makes it illegal to subject employees to a racially hostile work environment. But not every hostile act does a lawsuit make. Much depends on management’s response to such hostility …

Melee in Medway: The Rough-and-Tumble World of Buckeye Banking


Security National Bank & Trust (SNB) is responsible for a manager who literally kicked a customer out of the Medway branch office, the Ohio Court of Appeals has ruled …

Training on personal protective equipment boosts workplace safety


Employers and employees know that wearing the proper protective equipment can prevent workplace accidents. But too often employees fail to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), sometimes with disastrous consequences …

Intense training cuts turnover among hourly staff


At Zeppe’s Pizzeria in Bedford Heights, Ohio, managers focus on experiential training, and lots of it. Franchisees receive a six-week course, but even hourly delivery drivers have up to four days’ training …

Diversity effort includes training next leaders


Efforts to increase diversity and retention form the basis of two programs at New York-based Deloitte & Touche. The Breakthrough Leadership Program identifies about 25 of the company’s top minority professionals who exhibit leadership qualities …

‘Death audits’ and 6 other ways to avoid benefit errors

Whether you work with a benefits team of one or 100, chances are you don’t have time to check every calculation you make. Yet simple mistakes can cost an organization millions of dollars in benefits overpayments.