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A heart-smart strategy: The legal ABCs of AEDs

The American Heart Association estimates there will be 350,000 sudden cardiac arrests this year, but automated external defibrillators could save 50,000 lives.

Falls continue to be No. 1 workplace safety problem

Employers were cited for violations of OSHA’s “Fall Protection: General Requirements” standards more than 6,000 times in fiscal year 2017.

Harvey aftermath: Government offers flood clean-up resources

Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that occurred in its wake mean weeks or months of clean-up, repair and rebuilding for Texas employers and employees. That will be dangerous work that will likely expose workers to hazardous conditions.
These official resources can help make the process as safe as possible.

Screen time: Teach employees the 20-20-20 rule

The average American spends seven hours per day on digital devices, and all that exposure is leading to more eye strain and sleep problems.

Cal/OSHA proposes safety rules for hotel housekeepers

The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration has proposed a first-in-the-nation, industry-specific rule aimed at hotel housekeepers.

Employee drug use hits 12-year high: How you should respond

Illicit drug use by American workers is climbing fast, leading to a 12-year high in positive workplace drug tests. If you don’t have an employee policy on the use and abuse of illegal drugs, establish one and promote it.

What does ADA say about accommodation when employee has communicable disease?

Q. We discovered that a beloved member of our kitchen staff has hepatitis A. I know that many protections exist for individuals with disabilities, but we are worried about him handling food. Can we reassign him to the front of the house as a host?

Fear of violence: Can we terminate employee who has mental illness?

Q. We discovered that one of our employees has a history of unprovoked violent fits due to schizophrenia. We certainly sympathize with our employee’s struggle, but we also worry about the safety of customers and other employees. Does state law allow us to fire him for this reason?

How to comply with California’s new health care safety order

The California Division of Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board has passed a new safety order to protect health care workers from workplace violence. It requires health care providers to develop workplace violence prevention plans, institute training programs and keep records on certain incidents of workplace violence.

OSHA postpones rule on electronic injury reporting

OSHA won’t start posting employers’ injury reports on the web on July 1, as originally planned when a controversial rule was finalized last year.
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