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Work / Life Issues

Proving the ROI of wellness programs just got easier


Every employer seems to be jumping on the wellness bandwagon in an effort to curb health care costs. But it’s always been hard for HR to prove its wellness investment is worth it. Reason: the inability to nail down a return on investment (ROI) on wellness programs. Now, a host of new approaches and tools have come to the rescue.

Work is close to home for spirits maker’s employees


Execs at Diageo North America en­­courage their employees to live near work as part of its effort to help workers balance their jobs with their home lives. The company also allows employees to job share, flex or compress their hours and telework.

Atlanta employer to open child care center for 120

Newell Rubbermaid has broken ground on a two-story, 17,000-square-foot child care center that will accommodate 120 children of full-time employees by early next year. The company has partnered with Bright Horizons Family Solutions to manage and staff the center.

11 tips to help dads balance work and family


Work/life issues are no longer women’s domain. Surveys by the Boston College Cen­ter for Work & Family and World­at­Work agree that men are struggling to balance the need to both care for their families and work to support them. Here are 11 recommendations from the surveys’ authors:

The great 8: Smart tips from the ‘best places to work’

Is your organization a “great place” to work? Every year, the employers that are bestowed that title seem to consistently include companies that provide creative HR practices in areas such as perks, benefits and worker management. Some of the leading ideas:

5 strategies to ease employees’ gas pains

With gasoline prices soaring to their highest levels in almost three years, employers are looking again at ways to help employees keep their tanks filled—or at least get to work each day. Consider which of these strategies might ease the pain your employees feel at the gas pump.

Lower employee stress to raise performance


Studies show that workplace stress has increased over the past several years and that productivity can drop if employers don’t address the problem. Here are just some of the issues likely stressing your staff—along with suggestions on how HR can help.

4 ways to make telework work

More than 33 million Americans now work remotely at least one day per month, according to the nonprofit WorldatWork. Here’s how work-from-home arrangements operate in organizations nationwide, according to a recent survey. Plus, learn what managers must do to make the most of their teleworking staff members.

Ohio ad campaign promotes work/life balance for execs


Top executives who work for Ohio-based organizations are telling the rest of the country that living and working in Ohio lets them enjoy a healthy work/life balance. In Wall Street Journal ads, the execs touted Ohio as the “state of perfect balance” and said its “small-town values,” focus on family and education, and short commutes have attracted a talented and hard-working workforce.

Has the recession changed productivity expectations?

A full 86% of U.S. executives say their company demands more time and commitment from employees now than when the recession began, according to Deloitte’s 2010 Ethics & Workplace Survey.