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Work / Life Issues

Parenthood: Walk the fine line between accommodation & bias

Even if your state or local laws protect employees based
on their “marital status” or “family responsibilities,” that
doesn’t mean parent/employees can create their own schedule. You can still …

Help employees through the grieving process

The death of a loved one affects more than just the people who suffer the loss; it also affects the organizations where they work. The Grief Recovery Institute estimates that employees’ grief costs U.S. companies $37.5 billion a year in lost productivity. Here’s what a survey of newly bereaved employees found: 90 percent said they […]

Focus on employee results, not face time

A new OfficeTeam survey asked employees what one thing would give them more job satisfaction. The runaway winner: more schedule flexibility (33 percent). The lesson: If possible, stagger schedules to …

Cut Health Costs by Telling Staff to ‘Take a Hike’


A Michigan auto supplier, Freudenberg-NOK, launched a Walk for Wellness program that rewards employees for reaching walking and other exercise goals …

Ease bumpy workplace re-entry for returning reservists

Issue: Reservists returning from war create special challenges for your work force and your organization.
Risk: Loss of productivity and distractions among staff; reservists may face challenges at work and …

Guard against SARS-related health, legal risks

Employment law experts say the epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) could raise employers’ obligations to protect workers’ health and safety, particularly among companies that have employees overseas …

Injuries from suicide attempt may be covered by workers’ comp

A worker injured his back on the job and complained that he was suffering chronic pain as a result. He claimed the pain caused major depression and anxiety that drove him …

Expect new rules on who’s exempt; possible changes to comp-time law

The U.S. Labor Department says it will rewrite the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) white-collar exemption rules for administrative, executive, professional and outside salespeople. Reason: Since those rules were drafted, some …

Urge Staff to Visit Doctor During Off-Duty Hours


Q. We don’t usually require employees to provide documentation when they take time off for doctors’ appointments, but one worker has a pattern of scheduling these “appointments” on the Friday before holiday weekends. Can we request verification from the doctor’s office on a case-by-case basis? —J.B., Washington

Boost productivity, retention by helping staff with legal woes

Employees spend an average of 53 hours on the job each year resolving their families’ legal issues, according to a new survey by Harris Interactive. The cost in lost productivity …