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Work / Life Issues

Draw staff to health screenings with the right sales pitch

Issue: Employees who participate in health screenings submit fewer medical claims, lowering your costs.
Risk: They won’t show up if they don’t see the value.
Action: Dangle the best …

Entice applicants to beat a path to your door

The hassle and cost of slogging to work is a big reason that good employees quit. And commuting pains aren’t easing: Two-thirds of new jobs are now located in the suburbs, …

Encourage staff volunteerism, but don’t link it to pay, promotion

Heads up: More employers are heaping legal trouble on themselves by tracking employees’ volunteerism ef-forts and, in some cases, using that information (either directly or indirectly) as a prerequisite for promotions …

Be consistent when bending policies to suit elder care needs

Issue: Most organizations lack formal elder care benefits or policies. Instead, they assist employees by making exceptions to other policies.
Risk: Unless you apply those exceptions fairly, you’ll risk complaints …

Combat absenteeism caused by flu-shot shortage

Issue: Experts are predicting a sharp rise in flu victims this winter due to the unexpected shortfall in flu vaccines. Risk: More absenteeism and …

5 steps to help you take control of your workday

Issue: How to succeed at work, stay sane and still get home on time. Benefit: By seizing control over your day, you boost your value to the organization and advance …

Retain low-wage employees without busting your budget

Issue: Retention efforts often focus only on the well-paid professionals and superstars. Benefit: A few simple moves and low-cost programs can help trim turnover …

Tell sick employees to stay home

The sluggish economy of recent years has helped encourage more employees to show up at work, even while they’re sick. Nearly 77 percent of employees say they’ve shown up to …

Parenthood: Walk the fine line between accommodation & bias

Even if your state or local laws protect employees based
on their “marital status” or “family responsibilities,” that
doesn’t mean parent/employees can create their own schedule. You can still …

Help employees through the grieving process

The death of a loved one affects more than just the people who suffer the loss; it also affects the organizations where they work. The Grief Recovery Institute estimates that employees’ grief costs U.S. companies $37.5 billion a year in lost productivity. Here’s what a survey of newly bereaved employees found: 90 percent said they […]