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Discipline / Investigations

Clayton school board members sacked for ethics law violations

Gov. Sonny Perdue issued an executive order to remove four members of the Clayton County School Board and to confirm the removal of two others after the school system’s accreditation was revoked on Aug. 28 …

Post this story to curb employee credit card abuse

Donna Gamble, of Marietta, whose purchase card abuses cost the Georgia Institute of Technology more than $300,000, has been sentenced to two years and eight months in federal prison and ordered to pay full restitution to the university …

That wasn’t in the job description

When 20-year-old Spencer Taylor showed up for the latest Batman feature “The Dark Knight” in full Joker disguise, employees at a movie theater in Three Rivers took him for an unusually enthusiastic fan. But when he started making real-life mayhem in the lobby, theater employees had to subdue him until police arrived …

Don’t be intimidated by sudden disability claim during discipline

Employees who face discipline and are worried about losing their jobs may believe that claiming they are disabled will stop or at least delay the inevitable. They think the ADA is a shield against punishment. Don’t fall for that trick …

You can’t ignore—or excuse—Offensive cultural symbols

There’s no excuse for ignorance when it comes to racially hostile symbols and speech in the workplace. Employers that ignore harassing co-workers—hiding their heads in the sand or relying solely on handbooks that tell employees how to complain—may be setting themselves up for a losing lawsuit …

Harassment complaint earns retaliation protection if complaint was made in good faith

Many employees seem to believe that they can get job protection and immunity from reasonable discipline just by complaining to management about alleged harassment. But employees who make pests of themselves by reporting every comment they overhear or interaction they see aren’t automatically protected from retaliation …

Track discipline to ensure equal treatment for equal offenses, regardless of protected class

Sometimes, it seems as if everyone belongs to some protected class, or a combination of classes. Since any disparate treatment for the same rule violation may trigger a discrimination lawsuit, HR should be prepared to show that no employee in any particular classification is singled out for more severe punishment. Given the number of possible combinations, that’s a difficult task …

Staffing firm CEO accused of skimming $182 million in taxes

Frank Amodeo, head of Mirabilis Ventures in Orlando, has been indicted on 27 counts of conspiracy and fraud for allegedly stealing $182 million in payroll taxes from thousands of businesses across the state …

Did business grad bilk UM workers in Ponzi scheme?

Andres Pimstein, a graduate of the University of Miami (UM) School of Business, didn’t venture far from his alma mater before putting all his hard-earned business savvy to use. He is accused of luring dozens of university employees into investing in what turned out to be a $30 million Ponzi scheme …

Progressive discipline best approach with problem employee


Some employees may believe their co-workers and supervisors are out to get them because of race, sex or some other protected characteristic. Then they look for evidence to support those beliefs. They catalog every slight for future reference—maybe in a lawsuit. Your best defense against such litigation is a well-established progressive discipline system …