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Discipline / Investigations

Speaking of free rides …


A report released by a regional accrediting agency showed that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe received a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University even though he earned only 15 of the required 28 credits for the degree …

Ban obviously racist comments, or prepare to face EEOC discrimination lawsuit


Some talk doesn’t belong at work. Period. If you don’t ban racist comments, you’ll probably face an EEOC lawsuit …

Lukewarm response to racism leads to walkout


Eighteen workers filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) against retail hardware supplier Crown Bolt in August to protest racist graffiti in the Carlisle warehouse where they worked …

State probes purchase of phony diplomas and degrees


Attorney General Tom Corbett is investigating more than 135 Pennsylvania residents who allegedly bought diplomas from a business in Spokane, Wash., that sold high school diplomas and college degrees under the name Saint Regis University …

Football coach kills self as police probe messages to student


Marty Deputy, an English and Bible literature teacher and football coach at Pike Central High School in Petersburg, committed suicide on Sept. 2, hours before his former assistant coach surrendered to police over charges of inappropriate conduct …

Showing restraint: Ensuring worker safety with workplace protective orders


A disgruntled employee is terminated for poor performance. On his way out, he threatens his manager and co-workers. Fortunately, situations like this usually end with the terminated employee cooling off, filing for unemployment and getting on with his life. But what happens when the employee doesn’t let it go? …

Apprentice forms and paycheck deductions


Q. One of the positions in our manufacturing company has a formal apprenticeship program. To stay accredited, we must submit monthly reports showing the number of classroom training hours in which each apprentice participates. Submission of these forms is mandatory, and yet every month there are always some apprentices (for whatever reason) who fail to submit their forms. Can we withhold a portion of an apprentice’s paycheck at the end of the month until we receive the training reports? …

Was worker claiming harassment part of the problem?


Employers are supposed to make sure that harassment doesn’t happen—and stop it if it does. But sometimes, the employee complaining the loudest may actually be part of the problem. If that’s the case, the responsible thing to do is to stop all the harassment, from all the participants …

DCA employee used his consumer affairs position for personal gain


David Biederman, former consumer education coordinator for the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA), pleaded guilty in August to two counts of conducting unlawful business transactions, a fourth-degree offense.

Freehold education administrators go back to school … sort of


The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) has found that three Freehold Regional High School District administrators who attained advanced degrees from a purported “diploma mill” did not intend to deceive the district.