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Discipline / Investigations

Ask these questions before you ‘Write up’ an employee


Most employee lawsuits stem from employees’ perceptions that they got a raw deal. So before you discipline an employee in writing, ask yourself these questions …

Spot check your workplace for offensive material

The EEOC is suing a Pennsylvania steel plant for condoning sexual harassment by allowing offensive pictures, posters and calendars in the office. The lawsuit claims a shipping clerk and other female …

Workers can’t claim self-defense as reason to ignore anti-violence rule

As part of your anti-violence policy, include a clearly worded ban on physical and verbal abuse in the workplace, even if it’s in self-defense. Include descriptions …

Even ‘harmless’ banter can create a hostile environment

Issue: A new ruling lowers the bar on what courts consider sexual harassment.
Risk: Allowing “boys to be boys”, even if they don’t target anyone for abuse, can now cost …

Tap new EEOC Web site for investigation insight

The EEOC is coming after you for workplace discrimination. Now what? One good source, surprisingly, is the EEOC’s own site, which now offers a section titled “EEOC Investigations, What an Employer …

Perform ‘spot check’ for offensive pictures, calendars

The EEOC recently slapped a Pennsylvania steel plant with a sexual harassment lawsuit. The alleged crime? It “condoned sexual harassment” by allowing some employees to post erotic pictures, posters and calendars …

Take extra anti-harassment steps with young staff

Warning: Courts may view especially young workers differently when it comes to the issue of harassment, affording them more leeway when they fail …

Never assume a pregnant employee is unable to work; ask questions

Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), you can’t fire a pregnant worker simply because of her condition. Nor can you force her to take leave as long as she’s physically …

He broke a rule? What to say

No one likes to discipline team members, but eventually you’ll face a gut-wrenching moment when you have to enforce the organization’s rules.

Pursue harassment claims, even if complaining worker backs off

You know to investigate harassment complaints when they land on your desk. But what if the complaining employee shows a lack of interest in her initial complaint, …