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Productivity / Performance

Seattle firm accepts jobs only if its own employees are available


When Tim Jenkins and two friends started professional services firm Point B in 1995, they aimed to offer their employees an escape from the 100-hour workweeks and extended business travel that typically accompany high-powered consulting jobs …

Annual trips to SF field office help East Coast staff recharge


Every year, junior-level staff members in the Virginia office of Merritt Group take a trip to San Francisco. Merritt execs figure a week at the communication firm’s California office is a good way to integrate staff at the bi-coastal organization …

Business community gives lawmakers low marks


In a recent Michigan Chamber of Commerce survey, a whopping 90% of responding members gave state lawmakers a grade of “D” or lower for overall job performance …

Accommodations working? Then avoid sudden change of heart following injury


Disabled employees who receive ADA accommodations expect those accommodations to continue even after an unrelated minor injury. If you suddenly remove the accommodation, you may find yourself facing a “regarded-as-disabled” lawsuit …

Court finds Hillsborough County did not discriminate


 A counselor for the Hillsborough County Children’s Services Department (CSD) lost her disability discrimination case against the county in U.S. District Court for the Middle District in Tampa …

360° evaluations help when charge is ‘Failure to get along’

Courts are naturally suspicious when employers trot out subjective discharge reasons like “not a team player” or “fails to inspire subordinates,” which may mask an underlying discriminatory attitude. One way to add credibility to subjective evaluation criteria is to ask co-workers and subordinates for their confidential assessments …

Effective evaluations are management tools, legal protection


Ah, the “halo effect”—the practice of inflating an employee’s annual evaluation to increase overall morale and avoid the unpleasantness of telling underperforming workers what their weaknesses are. Too bad using the halo strategy both undermines performance and exposes employers to legal risks …

3 free tools to perk up employee teamwork


If your organization hasn’t moved beyond “reply all” e-mails as its sole means of online employee interaction, promote any of these three options to spark more interaction and productivity …

Simple ways to salvage ‘Below-Standard’ employees

Every manager has employees who perform below standard. They’re not terrible employees, but they’re not achieving the quality or quantity of work they’re capable of. Try these tips for letting underachieving employees know what’s expected and get them moving in the right direction.

Praise Your Way to Success: 6 Steps to Effective Employee Recognition


Many managers can muster up praise for their workers only during annual reviews … if at all. That’s why you need to teach supervisors how to give employee recognition and give them the tools to make it easier. Here are the six steps …