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Productivity / Performance

Should we give reviews to independent contractors?


Q. We have several independent contractors working at our company, as well as many regular employees. We give performance reviews to regular employees, but not the independent contractors. Should we?—M.L., California

Discovered new hire’s litigious background? Don’t retaliate


Hired a dud who, you just found out, has a history of crying discrimination? Make sure you have solid, business-related reasons for any discipline you take. Here’s why …

Reserve Rewards for Top-Notch Performance


Imagine if your organization’s managers could stop paying people and start buying their results, one by one. What do you think would happen if every manager had the discretion, the ability, the skill and the gumption to start negotiating with employees as if they were outside vendors?

Set clear rules on office romance


Have a no-dating policy at your workplace? If the answer is “no,” it may be time to consider one. While some office romances may seem innocent enough, trouble can follow an ugly breakup between co-workers. That’s why it pays to have clear rules in place …

Too old and white for HRD? Don’t discuss ‘Dream’ staff


The New York Human Rights Division is facing age and race-discrimination lawsuits by two former employees who say they were tossed out for being old and white …

Break-Time Massages Ease Stress, Boost Productivity for $1 a Minute


It costs the California-based digital marketing company Organic $1 a minute to boost its employees’ productivity. How? Through 20-minute massages that employees can take advantage of at the office …

Teacher bonuses linked to higher student performance


Administrators in Arkansas’ Little Rock School District wanted to link financial awards for teachers to academic improvement in their students. The teachers agreed to the program without knowing what the payoff would be …

It pays to hear both sides of the story before a firing


If your organization is like many, someone in HR ultimately decides whether to terminate an employee for poor performance based on supervisor recommendations and supporting documents, such as performance reviews. That can spell trouble if there’s more going on than meets the eye ...

Even Years Later, ‘Getting Even’ Can Still Be Retaliation


Title VII of the Civil Rights Act makes it illegal to retaliate against employees who complain about discrimination. Ordinarily, employees must show a strong time-related connection between their initial complaint and the alleged retaliation. However, employees can file years later if they can show that the individual who allegedly retaliated waited until he was in a position to order a payback

Pregnant Employees: Answers to Your 20 Toughest Legal Questions

White Paper published by The HR Specialist ______________________ Not many years ago, pregnant women were subject to poor treatment from employers and company insurance plans as well. But the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), enacted in 1978, prohibits discrimination on the basis of “pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions.” The PDA required most employers to make […]