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Productivity / Performance

RIF after FMLA leave? Possible, but proceed with caution


If you terminate an employee soon after he or she has returned from FMLA leave, you open yourself to charges of retaliation …

Georgia economic outlook: partly cloudy, better than nation


“Georgia will outperform the nation but will not dodge the slowdown” in 2007, according to George Benson, dean of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business …

ADA: Hiring Practices


HR Law 101: The ADA prohibits employers from asking job applicants questions that may reveal a disability. You should ask only about the person’s ability to perform a job’s essential functions …

Performance Reviews


HR Law 101: There are two important reasons why you should conduct regular appraisals of your employees’ performance. First, periodic and competent appraisals reduce the opportunity for a discharged employee to claim unfair treatment. The appraisal process alerts employees to what you expect of them, areas in which they’re deficient and how they can improve their performance. Second, appraisals constitute documented proof of unsatisfactory performance that will help you justify employment decisions …

Off-Duty Behavior/Moonlighting


HR Law 101: In recent years, employer attempts to regulate what employees may do on their own time have become contentious. Many employers fear that their employees’ off-duty actions, including moonlighting, may reflect badly on them, lower productivity or, even worse, create liability …

Results, not hours, are focus of Best Buy clock-Smashing plan


At Best Buy headquarters in Richfield, Minn., leaving work early doesn’t trigger a guilt trip for employees, as long as their work is finished. The Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) initiative makes it possible …

How to respond when employees show mental instability


A star employee tells you his new depression medicine makes it impossible for him to get to work on time. Must you alter his schedule? …

Case study: Give workers the power to reshape their jobs and goals


Most organizations stick to traditional management approaches, largely because they don’t trust employees with control. But studies consistently show that employees who set their own goals work harder to accomplish them and are happier with their jobs. Here are some practical tips for empowering your employees.

Firing a troublemaker? Focus on concrete business reasons


When it comes time to fire a difficult employee, focus on clear and easily explained legitimate business reasons for the action you want to take. That means documenting any work problems and relating those problems to the major job functions you hired the employee to perform

You can suggest FMLA leave without triggering ADA liability


What do you do if you think an employee, especially one whose performance is declining, could benefit from taking FMLA leave? Do you plant the suggestion or wait until the employee approaches you? The fact is, you can suggest FMLA leave for a serious health condition and not run afoul of the ADA …