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Productivity / Performance

Tackle grumbling head-on with organized gripe session


It can start as one employee simply venting frustration. Then another joins in. Eventually, morale and productivity take a hit from all the rumor, gossip and negative words bouncing around the office or department. How can you put a stop to it?

Use job ratings to counter disability claims


Here’s another reason why it’s so important to continually document employee performance. If an employee who quits later says she did so because you didn’t accommodate her disability, you may be able to show that she could in fact do her job without accommodations.

Stick with objective assessments to ensure your processes aren’t swayed by bias


Assessing employee performance or potential using subjective measures is one of the fastest ways to wind up in court. Employers that stick with objective, carefully tailored assessments are much less likely to lose bias lawsuits because there’s little chance for hidden bias to creep into the process.

Understand the North Carolina Persons with Disabilities Protection Act


North Carolina law has long protected disabled North Carolinians from discrimination. The North Carolina Persons with Disabilities Protection Act was originally called the Handicapped Persons Protection Act and became law in 1985. The act is broad in scope, and many of its protections apply directly to employment matters.

Boss makes employee sick? That’s no disability


If every employee who got depressed or anxious after receiving a poor performance review or trying to satisfy a demanding boss could sue, the courts would have little time for anything else. That may be one reason that courts have been rejecting ADA cases based on stress and anxiety brought on by work conditions.

Don’t just be a boss–be a mentor: 4 easy steps

The best managers aren’t just the ones who can extract the most productivity from their people, but the ones who produce great future managers.  How can you be sure that your best people will someday be top-notch leaders themselves?

Review all options for disabled worker seeking accommodation


Employees with disabilities may be entitled to transfer to open positions that they are qualified to hold. Remember, that means jobs they could do with or without an accommodation.

6 ways to boost the ROI of your adoption benefits


Like a mother who has just given birth, the parent who adopts a child needs time to bond and adjust to a household that’s been turned upside down by the arrival of a new family member. According to Hewitt Associates, that’s the consensus of the approximately 45% of U.S. companies that offer money or paid time off to adoptive parents. Here are six ways to make the most of an adoption benefit for your employees …

Free laptops result in fewer snow days


Standard & Poor’s has come up with a solution to snow days for employees of its Centennial, Colo., office: laptops. The credit ratings firm gives a laptop computer to any Centennial employee who wants to work from home during foul weather.

ADA: Performance and Conduct Standards


In response to numerous performance-related questions from employers, the EEOC released a detailed guide to help employers apply performance and conduct standards to employees with disabilities. Here’s a summary of the EEOC’s recommendations.