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Offering settlement or severance? Don’t forget special ADEA rules

If you plan to offer an employee age 40 or older a severance payment in exchange for promising not to sue, don’t forget to include Age Dis­­crimi­­na­­tion in Employment Act review-and-consult language in the agreement. The ADEA has very specific requirements for allowing the employee to show severance agreements to an attorney before signing.

First things first on FMLA: Check eligibility before approving leave

Employers are seeing a surge in requests for intermittent leave in cases where employees need to take parents or children to medical appointments. Before you approve such a request for intermittent leave, make sure you are satisfied with the employee’s medical certification.

Ensure supervisors understand they must be alert for FMLA scenarios

Employees don’t always know to ask specifically for FMLA leave. Some may not even know they are entitled to time off for a serious health condition. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore the obvious and discipline a worker for missing work when it’s clear he or she may be entitled to FMLA leave.

New FMLA regs in effect: Update your military leave policy

In 2008, Congress expanded the FMLA to include two types of military leave: exigency leave and military caregiver leave. In 2010, Congress expanded those leave rights by applying them to the regular armed forces as well as National Guard members and reservists. Now those changes have been officially implemented with new regulations from the DOL.

DOL issues final FMLA military caregiver, exigency leave regs

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued final regulations expanding the FMLA’s caregiver and military exigency leave provisions to include more employees and cover veterans. The new regs formalize amendments included in 2010 defense spending legislation.

Can unmarried couple both take FMLA leave for newborn?

Q. A while ago two of our employees developed a romantic relationship. They are now expecting a baby and both put in a request for family leave to bond with their newborn. Are we required to give both workers leave for the birth of their child—even if they are not married?

New military caregiver leave rules continue FMLA expansion

The DOL has issued new regulations implementing statutory changes to the FMLA that increase coverage for military families.

Employee out for one day probably ineligible for FMLA

It’s OK to fire someone whose medical problems clearly don’t qualify as a serious health condition under the FMLA.

ADA: Employee with insomnia isn’t necessarily disabled

Pushed to do more with less, many employers are asking employees to work longer hours. That can cause workers to lose sleep and may even result in diagnoses of insomnia. But not everyone who is sleep deprived and takes medication to sleep is disabled and entitled to reasonable accommodations, such as a shorter workday.

FMLA leave inconvenient? Too bad! That’s no excuse for termination

It can be frustrating to deal with an employee who has constant attendance problems. But if that employee has a serious health condition entitling him to FMLA leave, there’s really nothing you can do, no matter how inconvenient and disruptive his absences are.