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5 questions to ask yourself just seconds before you fire someone … and 5 to ask yourself just seconds before you hire someone

Are you really sure you want to press that button just yet? Run a few things through your mind before picking up the phone … or making the long hard walk down the hallway.

Beware medical inquiries before making job offer

When hiring, asking the wrong question can be an expensive mistake. In one recent case, a worker who wasn’t even looking for a job walked away with a $75,000 payday because of a prospective employer’s ill-conceived question.

Job descriptions are key to legal promotions

If your organization is like most, you prefer to promote from within. Here’s a good, three-step process for making sure your promotion process doesn’t trigger a lawsuit.

4 in 10 employers report a rise in candidate ghosting

Candidate ghosting is taking an increasing toll on employers, new research from outplacement firm Robert Half suggests. In a survey of more than 2,300 senior managers in the U.S., 39% of respondents said it’s more common for job candidates to cut off communication now than two years ago.

Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Rehire

By tradition or out of spite, many employers have at least an informal policy that discourages rehiring former employees who resigned to take a supposedly better job elsewhere. Such a policy may have made sense two years ago, before the pandemic roiled the world of work. But now it might make sense to rethink that practice.

‘Ghosting’ applicants can harm reputation and hiring

Inconsiderate employers may be missing out on potential employees with in-demand skills.

The good & bad of remote hiring: Top perks, obstacles

As the workforce goes remote, so has hiring. And that’s caused all kinds of new challenges for employers.

Growing retention tool: Internal job fairs

While job fairs are typically used as an outside recruitment tool, the current job market is leading more companies to host job fairs for their current employees as a way to keep them from jumping ship.

Refusing to hire a litigious applicant: Is that retaliation?

Brian Flores, the fired coach of the Miami Dolphins, has turned himself toxic by filing a lawsuit alleging systemic racial discrimination, fraud and bribery. Yet any team refusing to hire Flores now because he sued over the NFL’s discriminatory hiring practice would likely be committing unlawful retaliation.

Check hiring records for signs of hidden bias

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on down on the retail, warehouse or factory floor when you’re not there. However, you must find out. Hiring managers may be ignoring HR rules in ways that could trigger employment lawsuits.