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Promotions: 8 questions to interview in-depth

Internal hires often go wrong for one simple reason: HR and hiring managers assume they know the candidate. The best approach: Dig deep during interviews to identify employees who can be successful in the position you’re looking to fill—not just the job they’re doing now.

Bill would ban hiring bias against long-term unemployed

Legislation that would make it illegal to discriminate against job applicants who are unemployed has been introduced in the House and Senate.

Best way to stop failure-to-promote lawsuits: Include qualifications in job announcements

Want to avoid unnecessary lawsuits over whether an applicant is qualified for a job opening or promotion opportunity? Then make sure your job announcement includes specific information about minimum requirements so that those don’t become the basis for a lawsuit.

Job Interviews


HR Law 101: Much of the information employers avoid asking for on a job application becomes apparent when hiring managers meet someone face-to-face (such as race, age, physical disability and national origin). So, you must take extra care not to ask questions or make comments that an applicant might construe as discriminatory …

Florida technology company hires mostly minorities

With the hiring of two minority women in December, the employee population of Deerfield Beach, Fla.-based Reagan Wireless is 90% minority.

Now what? Bad former employee wants a reference

Q. I received a call from an employee I recently fired, letting me know she listed me as a reference. She was terminated because of performance. Can I disclose that information to a potential employer?

Boss seems to be seeking young ‘dream team’? Be alert for possible age discrimination

Does your organization have a supervisor who frequently interviews and wants to hire younger applicants at the expense of older ones? That supervisor’s “dream team” may end up as Exhibit A in an age discrimination lawsuit.

Who’s getting hired in 2014?

According to CareerBuilder.com’s 2014 U.S. Job Forecast, hiring managers plan to recruit full-time, permanent employees for these positions: sales (30%), information technology (29%), customer service (25%), production (24%) …

Twice as many employers will hire, not fire this year

Employers are more likely to add permanent staff this year than to reduce staffing. But more than half plan to stand pat.

2 steps to a lawsuit-proof hiring process: Online applications and blind screening

One way to ensure “blind” ­hiring is to make sure your online application process doesn’t ask for any protected-class information. Then perform your initial screening without actually interviewing candidates. That way, only interviewed ­applicants can sue over not being hired.