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Snapshot: Employers’ health priorities for 2021

Amid concerns that workers are not getting the support they need, employers are making behavioral health a top priority in 2021.

51% consider relocating—if the price is right

A new study shows that relocation is a big consideration for professionals and employers right now.

Snapshot: Working remotely: Greater flexibility, less job satisfaction

Employees who work from home say they feel less connected to co-workers, but appreciate the flexibility.

68% of remote employees work on weekends

A study by staffing firm Robert Half shows employees are working around the clock while at home.

Snapshot: In covid age, would internet outage be a big problem?

These days, remote workers say interrupted internet or cell phone service would be a big problem.

Snapshot: For most employees, remote work really works!

87% of employees who work from home say they have the technology they need.

Plans flexible about return-to-work this spring

Forty percent of organizations that shifted to remote work last March plan to have employees return to the workplace by this March, according to a new survey by the Conference Board.

Workers who say they can do their jobs from home

The ability to work from home correlates strongly with income.

Silver linings among pandemic’s dark clouds

Despite the devastation it has wrought, the coronavirus pandemic is yielding some unexpected benefits for employers, according to a new survey by the Mercer consulting firm.

Half of workers say pandemic stalled career growth

A full 50% of working Americans say their career development has stalled or even regressed during the pandemic, says a survey of 1,000 workers by Doodle, an online scheduling firm.