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Forced back to the office: 1 in 3 teleworkers would quit

More companies are calling workers back to the office, but will they readily return?

Snapshot: Women in STEM jobs: Representation varies

Women hold half of American jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. However, their representation varies greatly by discipline.

Snapshot: Employee stress is on the rise

A recent survey found that, in the preceding two weeks, 84% of adults reported feeling at least one of these emotions associated with prolonged stress.

Snapshot: Employers’ health priorities for 2021

Amid concerns that workers are not getting the support they need, employers are making behavioral health a top priority in 2021.

51% consider relocating—if the price is right

A new study shows that relocation is a big consideration for professionals and employers right now.

Snapshot: Working remotely: Greater flexibility, less job satisfaction

Employees who work from home say they feel less connected to co-workers, but appreciate the flexibility.

68% of remote employees work on weekends

A study by staffing firm Robert Half shows employees are working around the clock while at home.

Snapshot: In covid age, would internet outage be a big problem?

These days, remote workers say interrupted internet or cell phone service would be a big problem.

Snapshot: For most employees, remote work really works!

87% of employees who work from home say they have the technology they need.

Plans flexible about return-to-work this spring

Forty percent of organizations that shifted to remote work last March plan to have employees return to the workplace by this March, according to a new survey by the Conference Board.