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Rise in workplace violence against women may trigger new OSHA rules

Female workers are increasingly the targets of intentional acts of workplace violence, according to a deep-dive analysis of the latest occupational injury data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Part of the problem is that many of the occupations and industries most prone to physical injuries are dominated by women—and the harm they may experience is on the rise.

Ways managers can utilize LinkedIn

Good managers constantly strive to improve. “Everyone wins when the leader gets better” is one of the mantras of Craig Groeschel, bestselling author and host of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast. One way to improve is to engage and learn from other leaders. A great way to do that is through LinkedIn. Here are a few ways leaders can make this business platform work for them.

7 tips for crafting just the right business email

Are you crafting an email that is riddled with errors in spelling or word usage? Does your message appear to malign a customer or bully a colleague? Are you sending it to the correct recipients? Does any extra content distract from the main point of the email? Here is a checklist to keep in mind to ensure that you’re hitting the right chord.

Survey: Employees question the career value of their college degrees

Thinking about scrapping a college degree as a minimum qualification for some jobs? Many of your potential applicants are way ahead of you.

The HR I.Q. Test: April ’23

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

DOL says sweatshops produce Made in America garments

The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division routinely conducts compliance investigations in industries it suspects may be skirting their obligations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. A recent compliance investigation targeted the garment industry in Southern California known for supplying big-name retailers with the clothing they sell labeled Made in America.

Essential questions to ask when considering drug testing

Many employers struggle with whether (and why) to test their employees for illegal drug use. The question is fraught with compliance challenges and implementation problems.

Case of the Week: Apply your dress and grooming policies consistently

You probably have a policy that spells out your dress and grooming rules, which may limit certain employee clothing choices that might offend customers, clients or co-workers. But how you enforce that rule may mean the difference between winning quick dismissal of a discrimination lawsuit or a big jury award against your organization.

Fail-to-post fines grow to $659 per violation

Fines have increased for failing to properly display compliance posters for Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the ADA and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. Effective March 23, the fines increased from $612 per violation to $659 per violation.

4 keys to care for employees’ mental health and wellness

According to the nonprofit American Institute of Stress, work-related stress and associated absenteeism, diminished productivity and turnover cost employers at least $187 billion per year. To relieve employees’ stress and improve their mental health, try these tactics.