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HR Management

The NLRB strikes back: 4 big pro-employer moves

In a flurry of decisions in recent days, the National Labor Relations Board reversed years of pro-employee labor rulings that employers opposed. Business groups cheered the decisions, saying they’ll bring much-needed balance to employer-employee relationships. Three key decisions, rendered on Dec. 14 and 15, overturned a string of pro-worker, pro-union NLRB rulings. All were timed […]

Essentia Healthcare fires 50 staff for refusing flu shots


Citing the risk to patients at its 15 hospitals and 75 clinics, Essentia required employees to get vaccinated or provide documentation substantiating medical or religious objections to the inoculations.

Under siege on social media? Choose words carefully when responding


If an aggrieved employee launches a social media campaign against your organization, it can be hard to figure out how to respond. However, you can defend yourself. If it’s worded carefully, your response won’t add fuel to the legal fire that comes in the wake of an employee’s lawsuit.

Trade Fair Supermarkets owe $500k for safety violations


OSHA is proposing a $505,929 fine against Trade Fair Supermarkets after investigators discovered workers had been exposed to health and safety hazards at three grocery stores in Queens.

Acme Parts agrees to get the lead out in Brooklyn


Acme Parts, a Brooklyn company that manufactures brass products, has agreed to pay $40,000 in penalties after a 2016 OSHA inspection revealed high levels of lead throughout the facility.

Bad hires cost $15,000, plague 74% of employers


According to a new CareerBuilder survey, companies last year lost an average of $14,900 every time they made a hiring mistake.

Little confidence in ability to elevate female leaders


Only 28% of senior HR executives are satisfied with their organization’s ability to elevate women into leadership roles.

Almost all would trade pay if employer shared values


According to a new survey, 89% of U.S. employees would be willing to trade some of their salary to work at a company whose values match their own—a big chunk of their salaries in some cases.

A matter of balance: Medical marijuana, the ADA and drug testing


In Pennsylvania, case law says employers should balance an employee’s privacy interests against the need for random drug testing.

Jersey contractor cited for Philly scaffold hazards


Federal OSHA investigators have issued citations totaling $191,215 in proposed penalties to DH Construction for violations discovered at a Philadelphia job site.