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4 keys to care for employees’ mental health and wellness

According to the nonprofit American Institute of Stress, work-related stress and associated absenteeism, diminished productivity and turnover cost employers at least $187 billion per year. To relieve employees’ stress and improve their mental health, try these tactics.

Here comes the summer help!

How to welcome, prep and manage those seasonal employees.

About time: Scheduling is key when managing hybrid teams

It’s really hard to claw back something—remote work—that people now see as the norm. Making the return-to-office decision requires recognizing that remote work didn’t just change where people work. It also changed when people work.

ChatGPT for HR: Do your research before jumping in

The news media has been in an artificial intelligence feeding frenzy ever since AI chatbot ChatGPT was released Nov. 30. But before you decide whether to incorporate AI into your HR function, look beyond the numbers to find the real story about widespread usage.

Compliance guidance for the construction industry

Employers in the construction industry face special challenges in complying with federal anti-discrimination and workplace safety laws. The nature of construction work, oversight by government enforcement agencies and the zeal of opportunistic plaintiffs’ lawyers make it essential for construction companies to nail their compliance responsibilities.

Employee burnout remains high, but trending downward

Nearly half of American employees say they are burned out from their jobs, but burnout has fallen slightly since last year and more substantially since the early months of the pandemic.

Witnessed wrongdoing? Here’s what to do

Knowing how to respond to misconduct before you face it is essential for your long-term career and peace of mind.

Shift to remote work has a mental-health downside

An analysis by the nonprofit Integrated Benefits Institute found that 40% of fully remote workers and 38% of hybrid workers were more likely than in-person workers to report symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.

Survey: Technology tops HR’s hottest investment trends for 2023

Nearly half of HR leaders cited HR technology as their top investment priority for this year, according to a recent survey by the Gartner business advisory firm. Close behind were investments in staffing and recruiting, total rewards, and learning and development.

Employer survey: Most still hiring, still worried

As employers navigate mixed messages about the economy—persistent inflation and headline-grabbing layoffs on one hand, a 53-year-low unemployment rate and increased consumer spending on the other—a new report by the Littler Mendelson employment law firm reveals the impact of uncertain conditions on workforce management and planning.