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#MeTooLate? Policy change won’t always stop lawsuits

When the #MeToo movement exposed pervasive sexual harassment in corporate America, the board of directors at McDonald’s implemented anti-harassment policies that went far beyond what the law requires. Too bad that wasn’t enough to prevent what could prove to be a massive harassment lawsuit.

Beware retaliation following OSHA complaint

The Occupational Safety and Health Act affords great protection to employees who report dangerous working conditions to the authorities. That has become an issue in the coronavirus era—and a potentially significant source of liability for employers who continue to operate as usual.

COVID-19 considered an OSHA-reportable illness

If an employee comes down with COVID-19 as a result of exposure to the coronavirus at work, employers must report it to OSHA, the agency has announced.

Referee a dispute: 3 tactics

Here are several behaviors and tactics you can use when you need to step in and help settle a dispute.

What will the workplace look like after the pandemic?

We cannot tell what the future holds. However, the coronavirus will surely have lasting impacts, on our personal lives, on society and on our workplaces. Already, there are hints of how post-COVID-19 work may look.

OSHA emphasizes measures to keep manufacturing employees safe

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued an alert listing safety tips employers should follow to help protect manufacturing workers from exposure to coronavirus.

Snapshot: How are we protecting essential workers against coronavirus?

Sanitation and social distancing are the most common tactics for making sure staff who must work on site remain safe.

Do OSHA safety rules apply to employee home offices?

OSHA’s General Duty clause requires you to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards.

To Zoom or not to Zoom: Videoconference security issues addressed

Increasingly, organizations are turning to Zoom to enable the necessary videoconferencing capabilities that make recent shifts possible. But, is that the right move?

Snapshot: How has the coronavirus crisis affected staffing?

The rapid business paralysis that set in last month has manifested in many ways, none of them good for employment.