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Some work and some play

In search of close friendships or romance? Look around your office!

Manage workplace politics in or out of election season

Politics are always with us nowadays. When tensions are high, it is essential to keep a respectful workplace, whether or not it’s voting season.

Montana judge strikes down vaccine discrimination

Montana’s state law prohibited employers from inquiring about vaccination status, including whether a worker or applicant was vaccinated against COVID-19, mumps, measles or other diseases.

New year, 7 new HR resolutions

By now, you may already have broken your personal 2023 resolutions, from fitness to finances. Do not despair: Here are seven professional HR resolutions you can keep all year.

Harassment: Here’s why you want to make reporting it easy

It is vital to encourage employees to report anything they think could be classified as sexual, racial or other harassment. Make reporting easy, offering multiple complaint avenues. Instruct supervisors and managers to say something if they see something.

Surgeon General says workplace mental health is a top priority

HR is “the epicenter of employee care,” in the words of Vivek H. Murthy’s new report on improving workplace culture.

ACLU wants the FTC to monitor algorithms

Algorithms, or automated systems, already assist in hiring, weighing creditworthiness, screening tenants and determining whether someone is eligible for a mortgage. And the automated calculations are almost as biased and error-prone as humans, according to organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union.

The elections are over. Now it’s time to update your HR policies

The result of November’s mid-term elections means a split Congress. This will make it difficult for legislation to pass. Thus, no drastic changes are expected, according to counsel at McMahon Berger, P.C. in St. Louis. But counsel at the firm, Stephen B. Maule and Timothy W. Bubenik, outlined several issues for which employers should prepare.

New York’s adult abuse survivors can now sue

A flood of harassment and sexual abuse claims has emerged after New York temporarily lifted the statute of limitations. The Adult Survivors Act is a one-year window to allow people who were abused or harassed as adults to file claims outside the statute of limitations for those offenses.

Medical cannabis bill is back in Louisiana

Veterans and first responders who use medical cannabis should be shielded from workplace discrimination, urge some military members and first responders in Louisiana. Last year, a bill to do just that failed in the state legislature. It’s back this session.