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Abide by all OSHA rules regarding sick, tired drivers

OSHA enforces the whistleblower protections written into the Surface Transportation Assistance Act. The law says drivers who file OSHA complaints alleging employer violations of safety rules may be entitled to damages. Recently, OSHA ordered damages for drivers who reported being forced to drive while sick or tired.

Using AI in hiring? Beware liability for bias

Employers increasingly rely on artificial intelligence-based software to manage the hiring process. But critics of AI software claim discrimination may be baked into the algorithms.

OK, the mask mandate is toast. What do you do now?

Masks may not be required on public transportation anymore, but that doesn’t mean you must scrap your own covid-safety policies.

Three states stood out for most EEOC charges in FY 2021

Diving deep into the data in the just-released table of EEOC charge statistics for fiscal year 2021, it’s easy to find out which states pose the greatest employer risk for being slapped with a discrimination, retaliation or harassment lawsuit.

Snapshot: Why employees want to return to work

Employers think festivities like pizza parties will make on-site work attractive again. Employees, not so much.

Hybrid work demands better management skills

In a new survey by the Association for Talent Development, 47% of employers said they expect they will continue to use hybrid work schedules five years from now to the same extent they do now—and 34% expect greater use of hybrid work arrangements.

EEOC adding staff, looking to boost enforcement efforts

Tucked into the EEOC’s most recent Annual Performance Report was news that the commission added 450 front-line employees and attorneys in fiscal year 2021—and has plans to hire 200 more by the end of FY 2022 in September.

Changing of the guard: EEOC could have Democratic majority by July

President Biden has announced he will nominate plaintiff-side attorney Kalpana Kotagal to serve on the EEOC, replacing outgoing commissioner and former EEOC Chair Janet Dhillon when her term ends July 1.

Employee well-being in return-to-work spotlight

In a survey conducted by Fidelity Investments and the Business Group on Health, 83% of employers indicated they will focus on well-being as employees begin filtering back to physical workplaces.

Are you saying ‘@#$%&!’ more? You’re not alone

Whether due to frustration from the lingering pandemic, Zoom fatigue or increasingly casual, remote business chats, workers are uttering more four-letter words than ever before.