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Do OSHA safety rules apply to employee home offices?

OSHA’s General Duty clause requires you to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards.

To Zoom or not to Zoom: Videoconference security issues addressed

Increasingly, organizations are turning to Zoom to enable the necessary videoconferencing capabilities that make recent shifts possible. But, is that the right move?

Snapshot: How has the coronavirus crisis affected staffing?

The rapid business paralysis that set in last month has manifested in many ways, none of them good for employment.

Lockdowns are devastating business, personal finances

Half of America’s small businesses can’t afford to pay employees for a full month under the current economic lockdown meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, according to survey results released April 1 by the Society for Human Resource Management.

The HR I.Q. Test: April ’20

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

Coronavirus: HR plays key role in continuity planning

Large businesses worldwide have moved quickly to adapt operations in response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report by the Gallup polling organization. A key finding: HR sits at the center of most organizations’ efforts to deal with the virus.

Coronavirus & HIPAA: What can you divulge?

Your employees are understandably nervous about health risks at work these days. For those who must be physically present at your workplace, any news of a sick co-worker will spur concern. You must be prepared to answer employees’ questions without violating privacy laws.

Ensure tech security for your remote staff

In response to the work-at-home surge triggered by the virus outbreak, the Department of Homeland Security has provided several tips.

Through choppy waters: How to motivate employees through tough times

Just as the coach of a losing team can be the force that keeps players giving their all down to the last second of the game, managers have an opportunity to make a significant impact on how their employees perceive times of challenge—even when the company chips are down.

Coronavirus leave: Start keeping HR records

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act is an attempt to keep income flowing to employees who may not be able to work because of coronavirus- or COVID-19-related conditions. The government has not yet specified exactly how employers will be reimbursed for the associated leave expenses. However, it is safe to say that Uncle Sam will require detailed records of which employees took leave and how much they were paid.