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Ensure policy says you don’t condone transgender bias

In 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court said discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is a form of sex discrimination. Make sure your policies reflect that ruling. One federal court has concluded that not having a revised policy amounts to having an unofficial pro-discrimination policy.

EEOC clarifies what’s pandemic retaliation

The EEOC has updated its retaliation guidance for the coronavirus pandemic age, releasing a new technical assistance document explaining how to balance employee anti-retaliation rights under the ADA, Title VII and other laws against an employer’s need to enforce covid health and safety protocols.

Employers moving ahead with vax mandates

Employers remain committed to requiring employees to be vaccinated against covid even if courts rule OSHA cannot make them do so.

DOJ asks court to let OSHA vaccine mandate take effect

The Biden administration in late November filed court papers asking the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to lift a stay that halted implementation of OSHA’s emergency temporary standard requiring employers of 100 or more to force employees to either be vaccinated against covid-19 or be tested weekly.

Spot the trends that will shape the workplace in 2022

The ADP Research Institute’s “People at Work: A Global Workforce View” study found that 64% of the global workforce was negatively impacted by covid-19. That has led workers to reprioritize their needs, further redefining how and where work gets done. The report identifies these trends shaping the workforce in 2022.

Make 2022 the best work year yet, for you and your team

As you and your team form your action plans for 2022, use these expert tips from best-selling author, speaker and organizational consultant Simon Sinek to embrace the fact that you can and will come out of the hard times of the last year to be even better by the end of 2022.

Did the COVID pandemic help or hurt HR’s reputation?

COVID forced HR to take on dramatically new roles and tasks. So how did the pandemic affect how your HR function is viewed by employees and the C-suite?

Pandemic caused changes to HR costs, staffing, skills

The pandemic flipped the workplace on its head, and it’s apparently doing the same thing to HR departments.

The mandate: To test or not to test, that is the question

OSHA’s “vaccine or test” emergency temporary standard requires that every employer with 100 or more employees make a choice—require vaccines for all, or permit employees to opt out and test in lieu. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and each employer will have to choose what’s best for its business. Here are four questions to ask yourself to help guide that decision.

Fight over OSHA vaccine mandate moves to 6th Circuit

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear consolidated legal challenges to the Biden administration’s mandate for large employers to either require employees to be vaccinated against covid-19 or undergo weekly covid testing.