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Snapshot: Who is privy to pay-equity data?

When employers study pay equity within their organizations and make changes as a result, few share that information with rank-and-file workers.

Measles outbreak: Know the legal way to respond

By early May, more than 750 cases of measles had been confirmed this year in 23 states, the largest number since 1994.

Snapshot: Paid leave & pot: Top HR law challenges at state/local level

The patchwork of laws on leave and marijuana push those to the top when employers are asked, “In which areas have state/local laws created compliance challenges?”

5 mental traps of decision-making

Heuristics are defined as mental shortcuts, or unconscious routines, to help us deal with the complexities of decision-making. Most of the time, these shortcuts serve us well—but they can undermine our objectivity. Here are five psychological traps, or biases, that often derail business decisions.

5 fast-disappearing jobs, 2008–2018

The rise of e-commerce has claimed more jobs than any other factor since 2008.

New state lactation accommodation requirements may be coming to California

California Senate Bill 142 would amend building codes to require new commercial buildings and those undergoing improvements costing over $1 million to include designated lactation spaces for employees.

Should your company close for a week to innovate, plan?

Even if a leader advocates for employees to be creative and pursue new ideas, organizations rarely allocate time and resources. Enter the “organizational charrette,” a new management practice in which the entire company closes shop for one week so every employee can focus on innovation and future planning.

Young employees don’t get enough career development

Only 12% of training professionals surveyed by the Association for Talent Development say their organizations provide effective career development for employees with less than five years of full-time work experience.

The HR I.Q. Test: May ’19

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

LEAP 2019: The Top 10 Lessons for HR

Hundreds of HR professionals gathered in Las Vegas on April 3–5 for the HR Specialist’s 15th annual Labor & Employment Law Advanced Practices Symposium. Here are some of the bits of employment-law wisdom from the 30 speakers.