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Fear of missing work prompts vaccine hesitancy

Thirty-seven percent of adults reported in March they were not yet convinced they should get a covid-19 vaccination, according to research by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

NY law offers definition of marijuana impairment

Medical or recreational use of marijuana is now legal in 44 states. But no state law requires employers to tolerate employees who come to work high. The trouble is, marijuana impairment is difficult to determine—or define.

How to establish remote work rules for your hourly employees

As the pandemic subsides, many employers are opting for some amount of continued telework, even for hourly workers. Here are some tips on dealing with remote hourly staff.

Your vaccination decisions: 5 key issues to consider

You should absolutely formalize your decisions in a written vaccination policy that you provide to each employee, so that everyone is on the same page as to your requirements and expectations. Here are the five key considerations that should be front of mind.

As pandemic eases, which employees should you bring back into the workplace?

Many employees who were sent home at the start of the pandemic are in no rush to return to the workplace full time. The “when” and “who” and “where” of returning your workers requires looking at these key questions, according to attorney Jon Hyman.

Can you ask workers if they’ve been vaccinated?

The EEOC says employers can legally ask workers about their COVID vaccination status—and require proof—without sparking liability under federal employment laws like the ADA or Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act GINA. But you need to be careful with any follow-up questions.

White House infrastructure plan would bring changes for employers

The Biden administration’s infrastructure proposal—tentatively titled the American Jobs Plan—was unveiled March 31 and is still in draft form. Taken together, the proposals written into the AJP could affect how employers run their workplaces for decades to come. Here are some of the expected highlights.

Beat the feds: Run your own covid-19 audit

OSHA is playing a lead role in the Biden administration’s bid to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Take the initiative on workplace safety by auditing your own covid-19 risks and documenting your efforts to mitigate them.

Forced back to the office: 1 in 3 teleworkers would quit

More companies are calling workers back to the office, but will they readily return?

OSHA fielding more than 50 whistleblower complaints per week

OSHA has been on a tear enforcing provisions of the law that forbid retaliation against employees who blow the whistle on unsafe working conditions.