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The HR I.Q. Test: September ’20

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

5 dangerous omissions from your employee handbook

How many of the following aspects of an effective employee handbook are unfortunately on your list of “to-dos,” and represent dangerous omissions that could catch you off guard?

WFH: Know what counts as work-related injury, illness

An Occupational Safety and Health Administration opinion letter issued way back in 2009 sheds light on a contemporary problem: When does an injury suffered by a remote employee at home count as a workplace injury?

Burnout, stress increasing since pandemic began

Forty percent of U.S. workers have experienced burnout since the pandemic began, according to a new survey conducted by the FlexJobs online employment listing service.

Snapshot: What has done the most to advance women?

Women’s suffrage and two employment laws have had the greatest impact on women’s position in the U.S., according to a new poll of both women and men.

Covid-19 negligence suits target employers

One consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is a sharp uptick in lawsuits alleging employers did not do enough to prevent employees from becoming infected. Some even blame employers for allowing the virus to spread beyond the workplace.

Should employers be testing employees for COVID-19?

Taken by panic and an abundance of caution, many organizations are considering requiring all employees to present negative COVID-19 tests as a condition to reporting to work. Legally, the EEOC says you can require this testing. Practically, however, it presents some huge hurdles.

The personnel records problems you hope you never see

Sooner or later, a tricky edge case will emerge involving your handling of personnel records or other documents that demand unusual sensitivity. Try rating your confidence level in having to respond to each of the situations below.

Snapshot: Management skills needed to reduce employee stress

Bad management is a significant source of workplace stress. Employees say bosses need to develop these skills to do better.

SHRM survey: Bad bosses cause most worker stress

A new Society for Human Resource Management survey affirms the workplace adage that employees leave managers, not companies. Fully 84% of U.S. workers polled said poorly trained managers create a lot of unnecessary work and stress.