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Fatality leads to settlement for farm labor contractor

Healthy Harvesting Inc., located in California’s Imperial Valley, has agreed to pay $79,153 in civil penalties under the Migrant Seasonal Workers Protection Act.

Majority of large companies now have a CDO

A full 63% of Fortune 1000 businesses have appointed a Chief Data Officer, a huge jump from just 12% in 2012, according to a new survey by New Vantage Partners.

‘Stress eating’: a problem for one-third of workers

A new Harris poll says 35% of employees who eat lunch at work say their lunch is less healthful on stressful days.

A ‘job’ or ‘career’: What do your employees have?

Half of U.S. workers surveyed early this year said they ”just have a job,” not a career, and 32% said they wanted to find a new job before the year was out.

Federal contractors: Access new compliance guides

The U.S. Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has published a new series of compliance assistance guides to help employers navigate the confusing labyrinth of record keeping, posting and documentation rules that cover federal contractors.

Snapshot: 2020 variable pay budgets target the top

Corporate officers will be eligible for far more variable pay than lower-ranking employees in 2020.

Prepare for gun violence in your workplace

Workplace shootings, though rare, do take place—often in public places such as stores, malls and parking lots, but also in office buildings, factories and warehouses. Employers should have a plan in place to protect both employees and customers.

Even a 15-second presentation demands these basics

Never take any moment in the spotlight for granted. This is a moment that shapes the way people perceive you; don’t let it get away from you! Always consider these essentials.

1-Minute Strategies: September ’19

Evaluate your avatar … Wait, those weren’t real dinosaurs? … You’re not really high up at all! … The real Mr. Darcy … First (animals) in flight

McDonald’s strict grooming policy riles EEOC

McDonald’s—the restaurant that pumps out carbon-copy burgers and unfailingly flawless fries—has found the limits of its exacting standards. People, it appears, cannot be packaged nearly so precisely.