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House committee sets sights on Biden administration labor measures

Don’t look for much legislating in the next two years with Democrats controlling the Senate and Republicans holding a slim majority in the House of Representatives. That doesn’t mean nothing will happen on Capitol Hill. House Republicans have signaled they will spend much of their time investigating Biden administration activities.

4 practical ways to foster diversity at work

Employers that say they want a more diverse workforce too often take the easy way out. They form a diversity, equity and inclusion committee, sponsor a few DEI workshops and then wait for change to happen. It hardly ever works. Here are four elements of a plan to promote DEI in your organization.

The toxic five: Eradicate these from your workplace

MIT Sloan Management Review research uncovered that toxic workplaces were the number one driving factor behind employees jumping ship in 2021, trumping other serious issues such as low pay. Yet the word “toxic” gets thrown around haphazardly, with many using it interchangeably with words like “annoying” and “frustrating.” So what is it that makes a workplace toxic, exactly?

Worried about a new hire? ‘Salvage operation’ tips

Most managers have faced this dilemma at least once in their careers: A candidate looks great on paper and gives a knockout interview; but two weeks into the new job, you’re less than enthused. You now have a choice: Cut your losses or run a salvage operation.

Snapshot: Google’s top HR-related search terms of 2022

Who’s tired of quiet quitting? Apparently not Google users. The term averaged more monthly searches than any other HR-related Google query last year.

Protect your company with a sound termination policy

Terminating employees, particularly involuntarily, is a part of the job that most business owners and HR managers dread. Firing or laying off staff members is a tough decision, but it sometimes needs to be done due to misconduct or business changes. And when it does, it’s vital to have a legally sound termination policy in place.

2022: A year like none other for class actions

Duane Morris LLP released its Class Action Review 2023 examining all categories of class-action litigation, and one thing is clear for employers in 2023: Be prepared.

5 more HR metrics to track

We previously shared five HR metrics to track: headcount, turnover, diversity, compensation and total cost of workforce. Here are five more, according to that report by Visier, people analytics software provider.

Spending bill promotes mental-health parity

Tucked into the mammoth omnibus government spending bill President Biden signed into law on Dec. 29 was a provision that expands the number of public employees whose health insurance plans must now cover mental-health services on a par with coverage offered for other conditions.

How to develop an effective workplace training program

Employee retention has been a significant challenge for many businesses in recent years, and that trend is not likely to slow down too much in 2023. Leaders looking to improve employee retention in the new year may be pleased to learn that a recent study by Emergn found that workplace training can act as a valuable retention tool.