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Snapshot: Pandemic’s daily toll on employee mental health

U.S. workers are experiencing the world’s highest levels of daily stress resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Welcome to our three-hurricane Friday wrap

Let’s talk FIRE system improvements, new employer guidance from OSHA, new per diem rates and more.

Should you require the vaccine? 8 big questions to consider

If your business is considering mandating the COVID vaccine for your on-site employees, here are the eight biggest questions you need to be thinking about.

Employees’ most-Googled HR issues: privacy, surveillance

A recent analysis of Google search trends found that privacy and surveillance are the top workplace-related concerns for U.S. employees, together representing 42% of the top 50 most common Google searches, according to the study by Elements Global.

Tout vaccine mandate to recruit employees

Some may worry that a vaccine mandate will drive anti-vax employees to quit. However, numerous polls this summer show that most Americans favor employer vaccine mandates. That means many of your best potential job candidates may actually prefer working for an organization that requires employees to be fully vaxxed.

Snapshot: How the pandemic affected working people worldwide

In a global survey, 45% of workers said their own lives had been affected “a lot” by the coronavirus pandemic.

Vaccine mandates gain momentum as Delta rages

The latest round of polling on vaccine mandates by Mercer U.S. Health News found 14% of 372 employers now require or plan to require workers returning to worksites to be vaccinated.

Workers, executives view their organizations differently

As employers implement their future-of-work strategies, including decisions around hybrid work and increased flexibility, a gap is emerging between executive and employee perceptions about the future of the workplace experience, according to research by the Gartner business advisory firm.

Snapshot: What’s the best thing about being promoted?

Frankly, we’re surprised more money doesn’t rate even higher!

SHRM survey: Bosses look down on remote employees

A full 67% of supervisors of remote workers surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management consider them more replaceable than on-site workers.