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Mandatory training for all staff isn’t retaliation

An employee may feel singled out when HR holds a training session to address something that employee did. But that doesn’t make it retaliation.

Paid maternity leave up, paternity leave down

According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2017 Employee Benefits Survey, 30% of organizations currently provide paid maternity leave beyond what is covered by short-term disability or state law, an increase from 26% in 2016.

The HR I.Q. Test: August ’17

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

Avoid liability for employee use of personal vehicles

Do you sometimes require employees to use their personal cars during the workday for job-related tasks like making banking runs or delivering supplies? If so, you’re risking liability if the employee is in an accident and a jury decides he was negligent.

What to do if you suspect workplace thievery

Fraud prevention experts believe in the 10-10-80 rule: 10% of employees never steal, 10% do, the rest will go either way depending on the circumstances.

Set some limits on your open-door policy: 4 tips

TV personality Steve Harvey got ripped in the media earlier this year. The controversy shined a light on open-door policies in the workplace. Rob Wilson, president of Employco USA offers these suggestions.

Google HR: Pay ‘unfairly,’ give freedom & meaning


Laszlo Bock, the former senior VP of people operations at Google and author of the book Work Rules!, helped grow Google’s workforce from 6,000 to 76,000 in the past decade. At the SHRM conference this summer, Bock offered these tips for HR.

We’re #1! Survey says U.S. workers are world’s happiest

Researchers evaluated the levels of employee happiness among more than 23,000 working professionals in eight nations across Europe, North America and Australia.

Big presentation? Be ready to shift gears

When pressed for time, be ready to shift gears. In fact, it’s rare to get through an executive briefing without interruption. You’ll have to wing it.

Snapshot: What makes ‘the good life’?

Achieving career goals placed dead last in a Harris Poll that asked what characterizes “living the good life.”