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Medical cannabis bill is back in Louisiana

Veterans and first responders who use medical cannabis should be shielded from workplace discrimination, urge some military members and first responders in Louisiana. Last year, a bill to do just that failed in the state legislature. It’s back this session.

Religious accommodations and how to implement them

Employers have a legal obligation to accommodate the sincerely held religious beliefs of their employees. Employers want to get it right but navigating religious accommodations can be tricky. Here is some practical information to help employers better understand their general obligations.

Can racial equity training create a hostile work environment?

A former employee of Seattle’s Human Services Department is suing the city in federal court, claiming a program by the city’s Office for Civil Rights created a hostile work environment for him, as he is white.

Peer research: Salary budgets to increase in 2023

Do you have employees asking for raises, but the CEO and owners don’t want to increase budgets? If you are an HR manager trying to advocate for these increases and want to point to industry norms and research, Salary Budget 2023: Xpert Survey Report presents some helpful data.

More 2023 HR trends to watch

We’re back with more HR trends to watch in 2023.

New Year’s resolutions for employees hungry to learn

New Year’s resolutions for many HR staffers can be summed up in three words: Training, training and training.

Lessons from Walmart workplace killings

What can other employers learn from this latest episode of workplace violence, and how can they improve their prevention programs?

Beware ad hoc accommodation approvals

Every organization should have a well-delineated plan for approving reasonable accommodations. Don’t let direct supervisors make their accommodations casually. These ad hoc arrangements often become almost impossible to revoke later.

Federal contractors: Your EEO data may be released

On November 15, the OFCCP was sued to release all the federal contractor EEO data that contractors must submit to monitor compliance with contract terms that ban discrimination, etc.

Universities ban caste bias; a lawsuit follows

Brown University has added caste discrimination to its nondiscrimination list, joining other universities that now include caste among protected categories such as race, religion, sex and gender identity.