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Google extends work-from-home, others could follow

News that Google will allow most employees to work from home for 12 more months has other employers reconsidering their own plans to reopen workplaces this year.

8 tips to make HR effective in times of crisis

As an HR pro, you probably played a key role in helping your organization survive the roller coaster of the Great Recession and the subsequent rocky recovery. The skills that were indispensable a dozen years ago can help you make sure HR remains effective as we weather the upheaval caused by the pandemic.

More employers mandate masks to cut risks

Sure, those face masks have been proven to help cut the spread of coronavirus. But employment lawyers say there’s another good reason to mandate them in the workplace for staff and customers—masks can reduce the spread of lawsuits, too.

Got Zoom fatigue? Here are 3 solutions to calm your brain

Daron Robertson, CEO of Bhive remote tech firm, says all that video time can lead to exhaustion because “with no direct eye contact your brain is working overtime to interpret others.”

’Fess up, teleworkers! Who’s even wearing pants?

Sure, we try to look presentable during Zoom meetings. But let’s face it: Fashion only matters from the waist up these days.

Are laws limiting covid-19 liability on the horizon in Congress, states?

Republican leaders in Congress are saying that any new coronavirus aid or stimulus legislation must also include a provision that limits an organization’s liability if customers, vendors or employees contract covid-19 through their normal interactions with the business.

Half of employees say HR is not trustworthy

A full one-half of 1,000 American workers surveyed by the career site Zety said they think their HR department is “not trustworthy.”

Which safety measures do employees really want?

A Harris Poll of 2,000 U.S. workers says these are the top five safety measures (in order) they feel would be critical to help them feel safe in their workplace.

If family member is ‘high risk,’ must you accommodate?

An employee [does not want to come into work/wants to work from home/wants a leave of absence] because he or she lives with someone who is at high risk for coronavirus complications. What do we do?

Employee tests positive? How to notify staff

Millions of Americans have tested positive for the coronavirus, so odds are that one or more of your employees will test positive in the coming months. But there is a smart (and legal) way to communicate this news to your employees.