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Lessons from America’s worst employers (2022 edition)

Of course, we should praise employers who treat their employees respectfully, pay fairly and take their legal obligations seriously. Yet, we can all learn something from the worst of the worst. Here is a sampling of America’s worst employers of 2022.

DOL cracks down on child labor violations

DOL investigators found 101 teenagers worked impermissible hours at multiple McDonald’s restaurants in Pittsburgh. The DOL fined the franchisee $57,332 for violations of child labor laws at the 13 McDonald’s locations the husband and wife operated.

3 2023 HR trends to watch

As we approach the new year, some significant HR trends are emerging. These will affect how you recruit, hire, manage and terminate employees. Here’s what to expect in 2023.

Viral tripledemic means missed work

Influenza hospitalizations increased 30% Thanksgiving week, taking up over 11,000 beds. It’s expected to get worse, says Health and Human Services. COVID-19 cases are again climbing, albeit modestly. Respiratory syncytial virus infects many infants and young children. All signs lead to a winter tripledemic of illness and missed work.

Guns in the workplace? Watch the Supreme Court

A new nightmare for employers is the issue of guns in the workplace. The Supreme Court has held its fire for now, but perhaps not for long.

Snapshot: AI in recruiting helps, but it’s people who close the deal

A study of 1,068 employers by customer service platform Tidio revealed that artificial intelligence is handling more recruiting tasks.

The HR I.Q. Test: December ’22

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

New year, new laws: Update your compliance!

States have new laws about human trafficking reporting, hair discrimination, family leave, wage transparency, artificial intelligence and surveillance.

High court ponders employment cases

The Supreme Court tackles several employment cases this term.

Snapshot: Work resolutions 2023

Getting a raise is the main 2023 career goal for almost half (44%) of 1,000 Americans surveyed by Moneypenny.