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Clear rules and good records essential

Employers that have clear rules showing exactly what they expect from employees have a huge leg up if they are sued for discrimination.

Co-worker relationships: The key to staff well-being

A new Myers-Briggs survey says employees’ relationships with co-workers is the number one contributor to their well-being at work.

Lawsuit over promotion she never applied for

Usually, employees must actually apply for a job before they can sue for not being promoted. Generally, just telling a supervisor that one is interested in the idea of a promotion isn’t enough, either. However, that doesn’t mean someone always has to formally fill out an application.

Watch out for AI software’s hidden hiring risks

Artificial intelligence sounds like it could be hiring’s Holy Grail: A completely automated system that maximizes application-sorting efficiency, minimizes HR labor and reduces the chance that bias could taint the hiring process. If only. Despite its great potential, AI carries liability risks that HR pros must understand.

Depending who you ask, HR gets mixed reviews

The good news: More than 80% of surveyed executives say they feel comfortable approaching HR with problems, believe they get excellent support from their company’s HR function and think HR has been effective in improving the workplace. The bad news: Far fewer non-managers have such warm feelings about HR.

You’ll pay if dress code incites harassment

If you are in the restaurant or entertainment industry and require employees to wear revealing outfits at work, prepare for an unfortunate if entirely predictable consequence: Customers may harass your workers.

OSHA steamed over burned Queen City, Georgia employee

A Georgia company faces $211,400 in fines after an employee suffered serious burns from a steam pipe.

Fix a terrible, awful, no-good day

When humiliation occurs, it can seem nearly impossible to crawl out from underneath it and reclaim some dignity. In the worst moments, advice is difficult to hear, let alone follow. But there are some helpful strategies to guide you forward.

Brainy tech tips to manage stress and productivity on the go

The next time stress threatens to launch us into orbit, the following tips may bring balance back into our life and keep us grounded.

The HR I.Q. Test: October ’19

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.