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Snapshot: Whose mental health suffered during the pandemic?

Among employees surveyed, more women and millennials reported their mental health declined in the last two years.

Employers surviving predicted covid-suit flood

According to the Fisher Phillips law firm, since March 2020, about 4,400 lawsuits have claimed covid-related labor and employment law violations. More than half were quickly dismissed or closed, often with relatively low settlement offers.

Snapshot: 71% of employers have changed return plans

The rise of omicron cases caused many employers to scuttle their plans for returning to the workplace.

Tops on worker wish lists: hybrid work arrangements

Flexibility about where and when to work is no longer a unique recruiting tool—it’s an expected element of a professional workplace, like a health plan and 401(k).

Let FLSA guide policy on pay for vaccinations

OSHA’s vaccinate-or-test mandate is gone, but confusion remains for employers with their own vax policies wondering whether they must pay employees for time they spend getting covid shots.

Half of private employers will still require vaccines

OSHA’s vaccinate-or-test mandate may be DOA, but half of private-sector employers have already instituted their own vax requirements or plan to.

The pandemic changed (and elevated) the CHRO role

At the start of COVID, employers thought they faced a health care issue, then a office space issue. But as the pandemic evolved, it became clear this was a complex business and people issue that has put HR directors squarely at the forefront and as key members of the C-suite.

Omicron further delays the back-to-the-office push

Nearly half (44%) of companies have altered their reopening plans because of the Omicron variant, says a new Gartner survey.

Your own vax mandate? How to make the call

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against OSHA’s vaccine mandate for private companies with 100+ employees, it’s up to employers to make their own call about whether to require employees to be vaccinated or to leave the choice up to individual workers. Here’s how some employers are handling the uncertainty.

Lessons learned from employers who stepped up in 2021

During this unprecedented time in history, we learn from one another. To that end, here’s a look at five crucial issues the pandemic catapulted into the limelight and how individual organizations responded.