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Add HIV/AIDS education and counseling to EAP offerings

The workplace might be the best place for employees to learn how to prevent HIV and AIDS, says a new Conference Board report. Two-fifths of U.S. employers distribute information to workers about the risks of becoming infected with HIV—the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS. Nearly 90% of corporations worldwide conduct HIV and AIDS education …

Lower health care costs with strategy to change behavior

Colleges and universities with the lowest health care costs also have the most productive employees, says a new survey by HR consulting firm Sibson. Here are five lessons all businesses can learn from healthy campuses …

Can a wellness program reduce absenteeism?

Organizations with wellness programs report fewer sick days among participants, according to PreventDisease.com…

Forget cubicles—How about bear-Proof fencing?

The state health department has announced plans to overhaul the rules governing “man camps,” temporary housing for oil and gas workers in the western part of the state. Changes could include making the sites less inviting to bears and other wildlife …

Carrots and sticks: 5 ways HIPAA limits wellness programs

Since it is clear that better health translates into lower health care costs, employers increasingly embrace the concept of financial incentives to persuade employees to make healthier lifestyle choices. Thus the rise of wellness programs—a great idea, but one that can run afoul of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) …

You smoke, you’re fired! Lessons from the Whirlpool Case

The dangers of smoking are well documented: heart disease and cancer, shorter life expectancy, higher health care expenses. Now add another risk: As workers in Indiana just found out, smoking could get you fired. Was their employer justified in taking action, or did it step into a legal quagmire?

Lack of screening did not prove negligence in truck accident

In September 2004, Martin King and Tobias Ledzema were both driving tractor-trailers in Lake County when Ledzema’s trailer struck King’s. King sued Ledzema’s employer, Fierro Trucking, based in Illinois, alleging negligent hiring and supervision …

A bomb or … a vegetable?

A bomb squad in Fort Wayne spent several hours investigating a suspicious package sent to the Haller & Colvin law firm. Employees opened the package to find a blue gift bag. They called authorities …

Imperial Sugar refinery blast was preventable, agency says

U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board member William Wright believes better housekeeping could have prevented the explosion at the Imperial Sugar plant in Port Wentworth that killed 12 workers in February …

Cops: Man seeks revenge, kills 2 employees, bystander

Police say Charles Johnston went to Doctors Hospital in Columbus on March 28 armed with guns stuffed into his coat and pants pockets, looking for nurse Peter Wright …