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Oakland, Hayward manufacturers hit with labor and safety violations

The California Labor and Workforce Development Agency has issued numerous citations and fines totaling more than $500,000 for labor and safety violations at nine Alameda County companies …

Fighting at work: Fire one, both or neither?


Q. Two of our employees got into a fight. One had a weapon, the other didn’t. The unarmed person wound up in the hospital. His supervisor told the injured employee to get better and come back to work. But the owner doesn’t want either back. Can we fire the injured employee without any future problems? —M.R., New Jersey …

Former boxing commish alleges retaliation, says he was fired for speaking out

Larry Hazzard Sr., former New Jersey Athletic Control Board commissioner, has filed a whistle-blower lawsuit against state Attorney General Anne Milgram. Hazzard says he was fired from his position on the board, which oversees boxing in Atlantic City, for reporting legal and safety-related violations …

Mystery neurological illness plagues slaughterhouse workers

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has given a name to an illness suffered by employees in pork processing plants in Indiana and Minnesota: progressive inflammatory neuropathy …

Prison nurses say race, complaints led to firings

Six black nurses have sued Nashville-based Corrections Corp. of America, which operates a prison annex for Marion County, alleging they were fired or forced to resign because of their race and because they complained about unsafe practices at the facility …

Make sure you fairly distribute dangerous assignments

Are some assignments within your organization more dangerous than others?  Make sure you don’t dump those duties on members of a protected class. Instead, distribute those tasks evenly so no one can claim he or she was singled out for hazardous assignments because of race, national origin or some other protected characteristic …

Does more overtime equal less safety?

Working excessive overtime increases an employee’s chances of suffering an on-the-job injury, according to a new Yale University study …

Dealing with employees who fear HIV

Q. How should an employer deal with an employee who refuses to work around a co-worker or customer who is HIV-positive? …

How to enforce a ‘No weapons’ policy

Q. What does an employer need to do to keep licensed handgun owners from bringing guns onto its premises? …

9 ways to improve employee health, cut costs


As medical care gets more expensive—and employees stay as unhealthy as ever—your organization probably is trying to cut costs wherever it can. One of the best ways: implement programs that prevent disease. Preventive services such as immunizations, preventive medications, screenings and counseling are effective at keeping employees healthier …