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Layoffs looming? OK to consider training participation when deciding who goes


Like other employers, your organization probably is trying to use employees as efficiently as possible. That may include eliminating some jobs and training employees to pick up additional tasks. You may want to consider creating a cross-training program before deciding which employees to terminate. Those who show a willingness to learn new skills and the ability to perform them well are probably the “keepers” on your staff. Just make sure you offer everyone the same opportunity to learn.

The 4 key factors to keep ’em happy & in their seats


The “at least I have a job” feeling is starting to wear off among employed Americans. After years of taking on new duties at their old pay, many are feeling overworked, underpaid and underpromoted. Two in five of them are seeking new jobs. Here are four key things your employees will look for elsewhere if you’re not providing it:

IHOP owners flipped, harassment onus didn’t

Flipmeastack, an Illinois franchisee for the International House of Pancakes restaurant chain, will have to implement sexual harassment training and pay out $105,000 following a federal judge’s decision. The decision upheld an earlier jury award to two teenage employees at the franchisee’s Racine, Wis., location.

In-house university helps tax pros keep current

It’s not easy keeping up with the ever-changing U.S. tax code. So TaxMasters, a “tax relief” firm that represents taxpayers who have problems with the IRS, started its own university to help employees stay on top of it. Training focuses on improving customer service, process efficiency and professional development—as well as on the complexities of the tax code and the IRS.

Address trust, training to keep top performers


Employees feel overworked and underpromoted, and two in five of them are looking for new jobs. A new study is the latest to reveal that employees who plan to leave their companies say they feel a lack of communication from management. Here are four things your employees might think they’ll find more of elsewhere:

‘Talent’ report helps Deloitte take stock


At Deloitte, the annual report doesn’t stop with a financial statement. The financial services firm also publishes a “Talent Annuity Report” to chronicle its year in benefits and employee recognition efforts. “We published a Talent Annuity Report because we regard our talent as an investment that generates an annuity,” said CEO Barry Salzberg.

The 5 questions to ask before every meeting

It’s time to ban unproductive meetings! Ensure the success of your next meeting by asking these five questions. They’ll set the stage for participants to make the most of the time they spend in the conference room. Feel free to pass along these suggestions to everyone in your workplace who organizes meetings.

Hot & bothered: Team-building goes wrong

As part of a team-building activity, an Italian company hired a motivational trainer who specializes in firewalking. The goal: help employees see beyond their limits. The problem: The motivational guru brought the wrong kind of wood and artificial charcoal that day. Nine of the company’s employees were sent to the hospital with burns to their feet.

Constant hiring means high-speed, nonstop training


One of the country’s fastest-growing companies, LTC Financial Partners is looking for 300 new sales agents—and when those jobs are filled, more will open. Because the organization is constantly hiring, it’s also constantly trying to get new employees up to speed. So it created the LTC Insurance Training Institute to get recruits ready to work within five days.

Online learning: Back-to-school picks

Autumn brings with it a “back to school” feeling that can be sated only with a seminar or course. And there’s no easier, more affordable source for online learning than iTunes. Find out about this new, free training resource that just might work in your organization.