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Convince employees to ‘Pay’ for part of their development

Here’s an all-too-familiar scenario: Your organization invests considerable time and money training an employee with a lot of potential—and then the trainee takes that education to another company that offers a higher salary. Here are three ways to ease the financial blow to your organization—and lower the likelihood that the employee will leave …

Settlement can include clause that bans reapplying

Not all discrimination claims are crystal clear. Sometimes, employees are treated unfairly, and those situations deserve to be fixed. In such cases, employers may be tempted to settle, offering a small payment along with an agreement that the employee who complained will get additional training or a fair shot at a promotion. But consider the possible aftermath …

Warn about personal liability when conducting discrimination training

Are you trying to find ways to get employees to listen during your annual harassment and discrimination training session? Here’s something that should get their attention …

Training tests may provide important screening opportunities

Do your new hires have to complete a comprehensive training and testing program before they’re allowed to start work? If you can show your tests are valid and necessary (and they don’t disproportionately screen out any particular protected class), chances are a new employee who alleges discrimination because you didn’t keep him won’t get far with a lawsuit …

Managers can pay for their bullying behavior—And so can you

For the first time, the Indiana Supreme Court has endorsed a claim brought by a former employee against a supervisor (rather than the company for whom he worked) on the grounds that the general harassment was so severe as to constitute illegal bullying …

Muslims object to bias in state police training

The Pennsylvania chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-PA) has asked the Pennsylvania State Police to change its mandatory officer training class, “Radical Islam: A Law Enforcement Primer” to offer a more balanced view of Islam …

House passes dust bill

In response to the February explosion at the Imperial Sugar refinery outside Savannah that killed 13 workers, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed legislation aimed at reducing dust-related accidents …

Enraged condo owner brandishes gun, terrifies employees

A 57-year-old resident of a Pompano Beach condominium, enraged by a bill for more than $4,000 in condominium owners’ association fees, barged into the complex’s clubhouse on April 25 and demanded to speak with an employee. Patrick Dellisanti ranted about the bill, then pulled out a handgun …

Get ahead of the curve by offering anti-Gay bias training

Ohio may soon join other states in outlawing sexual orientation discrimination by private employers. It may be time for employers to rethink their employment discrimination policies and include sexual orientation. One good first step is to include anti-gay discrimination training in your regular anti-discrimination program …

10 tips to ease the pain when tightening the benefits belt

A slowing economy and tight cash flow might make it tempting to trim benefits and bonuses. But drastic cuts could be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Here are 10 ways you can help soften the blow of reduced benefits and incentives …