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Your HR Career

Case study: Give workers the power to reshape their jobs and goals


Most organizations stick to traditional management approaches, largely because they don’t trust employees with control. But studies consistently show that employees who set their own goals work harder to accomplish them and are happier with their jobs. Here are some practical tips for empowering your employees.

Become better at tooting your own horn


Create a “brag bag,” a running collection of stories about your work accomplishments and interests …

Prepare for even more disclosure of exec compensation


A federal investigation of companies that allegedly backdated employees’ stock options already involves more than 100 companies, and it has prompted the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to require more disclosure of executive pay …

Lead your organization toward globalization: 6 steps


With more organizations reaching their tentacles into far-flung places, HR is being called to respond. Key indicator: Employers are spending more time searching for talent, specifically people who can and will work and succeed in other countries …

Play it cool in depositions: Plan, prepare and don’t babble


When your organization faces an employment lawsuit, you may end up in a room with an attorney and a tape recorder, explaining what you know. Depositions can be nerve-rattling and the employee’s lawyers will try anything to discredit and challenge your testimony …

Get Ahead by Drafting Your Own ‘Career Annual Report’


What have you learned and accomplished in the past five years? If you can’t answer that question, you’ll have a tougher time selling yourself to potential employers. Use the following template to create an annual report that can help collect your thoughts each year …

Check your ‘ethical pulse’: 4 indicators of a bad decision


Before you act on a hastily made decision, ask these questions to see if it passes ethical muster.

6 Ways to Encourage a Performance-Oriented Culture


Nearly half of U.S. employees say their employers have not set clear performance goals for them. Solution: Encourage supervisors to use these six steps to create a goal-oriented culture in your workplace …

Play it smart by aligning yourself with the CFO


Corporate pressures now call for closer ties between HR and top finance. Winning the CFO as an ally can help earn funding for HR projects, and your strategy smarts will draw attention. Take steps to cultivate the relationships and learn the numbers he or she thrives on …

Capture knowledge from key people before they exit


Your organization could lose critical knowledge if certain employees leave. Yet, top management often hesitates to address that risk. By taking steps to capture "at risk" information, you build a stronger organization … and boost your own standing …