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Your HR Career

Run outsourcing like a business; it’ll boost HR’s image


HR is becoming less of a task-oriented profession and more of a project-management one. The biggest example: outsourcing. Follow these tips to use outsourcing to demonstrate your business acumen …

Are you as organized as Bill Gates? 5 tools that can help


HR professionals can quickly become buried under paperwork and ‘to-do” lists if they’re not organized. Technology can help you organize your hectic schedule and tasks … if you know how to use it. Take a cue from Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, who uses digital tools to get things done

Tie HR to business strategy with right mission statement


HR often writes vague and uninspiring mission statements that exclude business goals. Take the following steps to create a mission statement that lays out HR’s practical vision for contributing to the company’s strategic plans

How to Tame Your Wild, Woolly E-Mail Inbox


Poorly managed e-mail can slow you down, hurt your productivity and damage your work reputation. A few simple tricks can help you regain command over your out-of-control inbox …

Stay on top of your favorite blogs


If you want to stay updated on good HR blogs (such as “Case in Point” at http://blog.theHRSpecialist.com), sign up with Squeet (www.squeet.com), a free service that delivers blogs to your e-mail inbox …

Personal liability for HR professionals?


Q. I know that my company can be sued by my current and former employees for its employment actions. Do I, as an HR professional, have personal liability for my participation in employment decisions?

Boosting productivity makes you a true strategic player


Execs in your organization constantly look for ways to reduce labor costs and improve work force productivity to keep up with competition. Most likely, those bosses don’t ask your advice … and you don’t give it. To start playing a role in improving productivity, take the following steps

Case study: Give workers the power to reshape their jobs and goals


Most organizations stick to traditional management approaches, largely because they don’t trust employees with control. But studies consistently show that employees who set their own goals work harder to accomplish them and are happier with their jobs. Here are some practical tips for empowering your employees.

HR Certification: Truly Helpful or a ‘Feel Good’ Thing?


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers three national certifications for HR professionals. A reader of our HR Specialist Forum (www.TheHRSpecialist.com) posed this question: “Do these certifications make you more marketable and earn a higher salary, or are they just a ‘feel good’ thing?” …

6 subtle communication gaffes even smart HR pros make


Here are six common communication mistakes that people—especially professional women—make in the workplace, according to communications consultant Colette Carlson