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Your HR Career

Capture knowledge from key people before they exit


Your organization could lose critical knowledge if certain employees leave. Yet, top management often hesitates to address that risk. By taking steps to capture "at risk" information, you build a stronger organization … and boost your own standing …

Increase your value by helping to spot rising managers


Your unique vantage point in HR equips you to identify managers with the potential to become company leaders. By sharing your insights with top execs, you’ll help build organizational excellence and make yourself more valuable. Use these tips to alert top execs to possible future leaders they might be missing …

Turn your paper HR forms into electronic versions


Issue: You can use Adobe Acrobat’s PDF Creator to convert old typewritten forms to digital ones.
Benefit: Save time (for you, employees and applicants), save paper and impress the boss …

Are you wired for field HR or corporate HR?


Field HR or corporate HR: Neither career path is necessarily better; each has its own challenges and rewards. But there are important differences between the two that influence your career direction. Knowing those distinctions is a key step in any HR job move …

8 steps to being an effective witness in court, depositions


Many HR professionals (and most supervisors) aren’t prepared when called to serve as witnesses. One simple mistake can hurt your organization’s chances and damage your professional image. Use the following eight tips to create practice sessions for yourself and other employees who serve as witnesses …

How to nail down a flaky boss


Q. Our CEO changes his mind constantly. After we agree on a project, he’ll come back to me a day or two later with a different plan. How can I pin him down? —L.G., South Carolina

Hear ‘Great idea, but …’ for the final time


The biggest mistake you can make in trying to sell your ideas is to pitch them to the management team as a group. It’s much more effective to influence their thinking one person at a time. Here’s how: